Top 10 series Filmed in Vancouver


Vancouver is a surprising city. Situated on the rim of the Pacific, the Canadian city and its surroundings host about 10% of Hollywood movie shoots, but also a large number of American series, which has earned it the nicknames Hollywood North and Brollywood. Here’s an overview.

Vancouver, series city

What a surprising city Vancouver. This one is host a lot of movie shoots but also tv series. Discover this city by your favorite tv shows.

Once Upon a Time

Supposedly taking place in Storybrooke, the series has settled into Vancouver. To be more precise, most of the outside scenes are filmed in Steveston Village, near Richmond. You can find for example, the Storybrooke Post Office where the Steveston Visitor Centre is, or even the Storybrooke Coffee Co in place of Steveston Coffee Co. During the shooting, most of the bright coloured objects (like flowers, signs and other decorations) were removed to reinforce the dull aspect of Storybrooke history. A veritable fairy tale…

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The most American hero in Canada? Yet, it’s true. While the famous Superman is supposed to have spent his childhood on a Kansas farm, it’s far from being the case in Smallville because the series has set up quarters in Vancouver. No less than two Vancouver high schools make up Smallville High, whereas a farm located in Aldergrove, a suburb of Vancouver, is the filming location for the famous Kent farm. From Kansas to British Columbia, it’s just a step away. 

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The 100

100 exiled souls, only 1 town. All the adventures of the 100 prisoners sent on a reconnaissance mission to a devastated and dangerous Earth actually take place in Vancouver. The Canadian city is used as the setting for this post-apocalyptic drama series.

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The first five seasons of one of the most agonizing series in the history of television was filmed in Vancouver. One of the preferred X-files filming locations was the Vancouver forest, used not only to represent a forest in Porto Rico but also in Siberia. No less than 22 episodes resorted to this forest for the wooded scenes.

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Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars, Gilmore Girls, three very different series? Not that much. If you observe the aerial views of their respective cities, you’ll notice that they are identical. As a matter of fact, the producers of these series use the same image bank for the exterior views. However, Riverdale High School is the Lord Byng High School in Vancouver and Archie’s house as well as that of Betty is also in the same town. An “archi-good series”.

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Lucifer, the fallen angel having settled into Los Angeles did have a period of shooting in the Canadian city, from the first to the third season. The investigations of the ex-guardian of hell accompanied by his favorite policewoman and mortal being, Chloé Decker, do indeed take place in Canada instead of California. Just another paradise.

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Arrow / Flash / Supergirl

Star City, Central City, National City, three superhero cities in one: Vancouver. Although the greater part of the shooting took place in a studio, a lot of outside scenes are filmed in the Canadian metropolis. However, other cities were used as settings, because the Queen Tower is located in the business district of Brussels, the Supergirl pilot was filmed in Burbank, where Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman was also filmed, and certain scenes from Flash were captured in Portland. These superheroes are real globetrotters.

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

A recent arrival on Netflix, October 26th 2018, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina normally take place in Greendale, not far from Riverdale and Salem. Not entirely true when we know that the filming location of Riverdale is actually near Vancouver. For the Greendale setting, we find the real town of Cloverdale landscapes, in particular with Cerberus Books, the strange bookshop of Dr Cerberus where Aunt Hilda works for a while. Finding this town was not bewitching.

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No, these are not zombies made by Apple. Olivia Moore, a medical student-turned–zombie, inherits the mental and physical capacities of the deceased whose brains she eats, and uses her “gifts” to help Lieutenant Clive Babineaux solve criminal enquiries throughout the city of Seattle, but really Vancouver. Could say she really eats her brains out!

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Hunting supernatural creatures of course could only end up in British Columbia. At the wheel of their 1967 Chevrolet Impala, the two brothers investigate paranormal phenomena in order to trace the trail back to the demon responsible for their mother’s death. Supposedly taking place in the US, the series brings Canada into the picture and in particular the city of Vancouver, depicted as it is: a more natural than supernatural phenomenon.

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