10 gift ideas for pop culture and travel fans


Are you a pop culture and travel fan with a desire to treat yourself? There’s a geek in your entourage and you’re stuck for a gift idea? Fantrippers is here to save you with 10 gift suggestions stemming from pop culture that you can use when travelling.

Give, or treat yourself to a small gift

You deserve it. You deserve to give you a small gift both pop and useful. A hat, an umbrella, a wallet, innocuous objects that stay on you for a long time. And then your entourage also merit.

1- Hogwarts House scarf – Harry Potter

L'écharpe de Harry Potter


Witches are capable of using their wand as torchlight or even to fight off villainous Dementors, but to keep away the cold, there’s nothing like a scarf with the house colors. Gryffindor for Harry Potter, Slytherin for Voldemort, Hufflepuff for Newt Scamander and Ravenclaw pour Luna Lovegood, choose your camp against winter. Stupefy! Avalaible here.

2- A Marty McFly watch – Back to the Future

Montre de Marty McFly dans Retour vers le futur


Marty McFly races against time in the saga Back to the Future. What better way to keep an eye on it than the Casio watch worn by the most famous time-travelling teen in history? Avalaible here.  

3- Messenger Bag – Game of Thrones

Le sac du messager des Stark dans Game of Thrones


Follow in the footsteps of your favorite heroes, but with class. What better way than with a House Stark messenger bag to walk along the wall, or rather along the streets of your holiday destination. Made entirely of imitation dragon skin. Avalaible here.

4- The yellow umbrella – How I Met Your Mother

Parapluie jaune dans How I Met Your Mother


The famous yellow umbrella belonging to Ted Mosby’s soul mate, the man who, for nine seasons, tells his kids how he met their mother. Playing a key role in the intrigue, the umbrella will protect you from the rain during your voyages in the footsteps of your favorite heroes. Legendary. Avalaible here.

5- A map of Middle Earth – Lord of the Rings

Carte de la Terre du Milieu du Seigneur des anneaux

Don’t do like naughty chubby-faced Hobbits, be prepared. Gollum not being the most reliable of guides, make sure you have your map of Middle Earth in order to get to Mount Doom. Fly, you fools ! Avalaible here.

6- Multitools – Batman

L'outil multifonction de Batman


Batman, the greatest detective in the world, isn’t as classy without his state-of-the-art gadgets. Amongst them, multitools, the indispensible accessory that can be used as a bottle-opener, key chain or even a screwdriver, very useful when far from one’s native Gotham. You will be Batman. Avalaible here.

7- External Battery – Pokémon

Pokéball de Pokémon

Who has never found himself with a dead smartphone battery? The worst is when it happens in the middle of the jungle with no means to contact the nearest Pokémon center. Pokéball go! Avalaible here.

8- An Indiana Jones hat –Indiana Jones saga

Chapeau d'Indiana Jones

Be it to protect you from the sun’s rays, or freezing winter, or even the arrow of a native, the most famous archeologist’s hat is a real hit. An evening out, when travelling or even doing some gardening, the hat is the adventurer’s best friend, however couch-potato s/he might be. Right Junior? Avalaible here.

9- A Jules Winnfield wallet– Pulp Fiction

Le portefeuille de Jules Winnfield dans Pulp Fiction

You have to be ready to part with money when travelling, and what better way than with the mythical pop culture wallet? Straight form Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece, with such an item, you are surely going to be a sensation when pull out your bucks.I want you to go in that bag, and find my wallet”. Avalaible here.

10- Doormat – Ghostbusters

Paillasson de S.O.S Fantômes

We’ll finish this Top 10 like we finish a vacation, going back home. Whether you had a long journey with no hitches or after weeks of nightmare, nothing compares to a cozy home. And to be welcomed home by pop culture, what better way to finish your trip in style?  Avalaible here.

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