Pokémon Detective Pikachu: London dresses up as Ryme City


London is lending its streets for the new Pokémon film: Detective Pikachu, based on the concept of cohabitation between animated characters and humans on the model of Who Framed Roger Rabbit or Space jam.

Les Pokémon débarque au cinéma avec Détective Pikachu

Pokemon and Pikachu, a story of generation

Pokémon marked an entire generation and continues to enthrall the young and less young, but what is it? Pokémons are “pocket monsters”. Certain people called “trainers” can capture them thanks to pokéballs and train them to fight in order to win competitions, settle disputes or defend the oppressed. Created in 1996 in Japan, the Japanese franchise includes playing cards, mangas, video games, cartoons, and other merchandise. Impossible to pass them up, especially a certain Pikachu.

In the original games and cartoons, we follow the adventures of Ash Ketchum getting his first Pokémon, a Pikachu, a kind of electric mouse that can wipe out his adversary. At the beginning the atmosphere between them is electric, very quickly a great friendship forms between this young 10-year-old boy that roams the world looking for other Pokémons to capture, and this yellow mouse. Few Pokémons know how to speak; only the rare one manages, such as the sinister Meowth, the fetish Pokémon of Team Rocket, an evil organization that wants to capture the most powerful Pokémons to dominate the world.

Detective Pikachu, a movie after a video game

22 years, as many films, 7 renewed generations in the family and more than thirty games later, the Pokémon saga is once again in the limelight thanks to Detective Pikachu. This movie is based on the story of the video game, released in Japan in 2016, in the USA and Europe in 2018, in which a young student called Tim Goodman teams up with Pikachu to find his missing father. What’s different is that Tim is the only one who can hear him speak, others only hear “pika pika” when his surprising sidekick tries to interact with them.

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The investigation takes place in the fictional town Ryme City. The film crew decided to base this city in London for the shooting sets of this crazy enquiry led by Tim (Justice Smith) and Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds).

In January 2018, a twitter by the name of HowardBud posted photos of a few movie sets fixed up in the center of London.

In the trailer, available for view since November 12th, 2018, we can see a few more fanspots in the British capital such as number 59 Charlotte Road. The location accommodates a night market where Tim tries to convince passersby that he really speaks to Pikachu. Other images evoke scenes closely resembling the Scottish moors.

Detective Pikachu will be in movie theaters in the US on May 10th, 2019. A date that should arrive with lightning speed.