The Westworld film set at Paramount Ranch destroyed by flames


The terrible blaze, Woolsey Fire, that is devastating southern California has ravaged the ranch serving as the set for the famous HBO series.

Westworld set in fire

California is at this moment fighting the worst deadly fires since 1933. With about 30 people dead, the toll is extremely heavy. 250,000 inhabitants received the order to evacuate the zone to avoid further tragedy. Many buildings, including Paramount Ranch, have gone up in flames in this vast region.

Paramount Ranch en Californie


Maybe this name doesn’t mean anything to you but you have most certainly seen it before. Open in 1927 by Paramount Pictures, the Paramount Ranch covers almost 11 km2 and appears in numerous movies and series. The Adventures of Marco Polo, Wells Fargo, but also Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Mentalist and more recently Westworld.

L'église de Paramount Ranch

In the well-known series narrating the exploits of android inhabitants in a futuristic amusement park, the ranch is the film set for the town of Escalante. The church, particularly important in the plot, was already built before the film crew set up their cameras, but was adorned with a more imposing bell tower for the needs of the fiction. It is the only construction that survived the flames which devastated this mythical property.