Once Upon a Deadpool : Canada, theater for a special Christmas story


You don’t like violence but you’re dying to see Deadpool 2? Rest assured, Ryan Reynolds and Fox are preparing a nice Christmas present for you.

Once Upon a Deadpool, a surrender Wade 

A Deadpool movie without guns, nor hate, nor violence; that would be like a cake without icing? Well, don’t bother buying icing sugar because Ryan Reynolds and Fox have decided to carry out this impossible mission.

The actor and producer of the most badass anti-hero in cinema announced he was preparing a version of Deadpool 2 “general public”. Why such a turnaround, knowing that Ryan Reynolds had already refused this type of project, preferring to restrict the budget to produce a film banned to those under 17 years of age in the US? In an interview given to Deadline, the actor said yes under two conditions: 1. I want a part of the revenues donated to charity. 2. I want to kidnap Fred Savage. This second condition required some explanation. (…) “It’ll be the season of giving, so we’ll donate 1 dollar for every ticket to fight “f*** cancer” Well, it’ll of course be renamed “Fudge Cancer” and not “Fuck Cancer” the duration of this campaign.”

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As a reminder, Fred Savage played the grandson of the narrator in Princess Bride, from which the new film will take inspiration. The recent purchase of Fox by Disney probably explains this turnaround, in order to allow young people to discover this hero that adults can’t get enough of. This version will still be PG-13, but more politically correct than the original.

Affiche Once Upon a Deadpool

Most of the scenes having already been shot, the movie release is planned for December 12th, and until the 25th. You’ll see some places that appeared in the second movie such as the manor of the X-Men (Hatley Castle) in Colwood, the Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam and the Granville Bridge in Vancouver. There was once a Deadpool…

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