The Murder House from American Horror Story in Los Angeles: paradise for some, hell for the owners


Living at a movie set location is not always easy. After the real owners of Walter White’s house in the series Breaking Bad had decided to erect a 1.8 meter high wall to keep fans away, it’s now the turn of the owners of Murder House from American Horror Story to go through a real ordeal.

The Murder House from American Horror Story, a hell

Built at the beginning of the 1900s, the splendid residence having served as the set for the series created by Ryan Murphy has seen many different owners, but it’s the present occupants that are going through living hell.

Before the cameras arrived, the house located in the Mid-Wilshire area was registered as a historical and cultural monument due to its age. Time had taken a toll and it had to undergo some renovations. The $250,000 cost of the needed work compelled the owner, Greta Von Steinbauer, to make the house available for shooting season 1 of the series. Once renovated thanks to the rental income from Ryan Murphy’s team, Greta Von Steinbauer sold the house to a couple, Schwartz and Oakenfeld.

Thinking they were buying a quiet and entirely renovated home, the couple never imagined that their house would become, according to them, a “macabre tourist attraction”. This former movie set is regularly invaded by fans of the very successful series, to such a point that the couple decided to file a complaint in February 2018 against the former owner. Apparently she hadn’t warned the buyers of this detail, causing, in their opinion, still today, numerous annoyances.

Even though most fans are respectful of the property and just want to make a pilgrimage to the house, others don’t hesitate to enter the grounds and invade the privacy of the occupants.

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