Top 10 movies filmed in London


Founded almost 2000 years ago by the Romans, the capital of the United Kingdom is a metropolis of uncontested economic power counting nearly 10 million inhabitants. London, which we often imagine enveloped in mist, is far from being in the fog, and proves it thanks to the movie spotlights pointing at the city.

London, a movie city

We can't believe how many movies was filmed in London. Discover 10 of them right here !

The Harry Potter saga

Even though amongst the eight films, not all of them contain a scene in London, the British capital is a key location in the world of history’s most famous witch with glasses. The student at Hogwarts has already found himself within the city several times, especially at Piccadilly Circus, Kings Cross or even at his godfather Sirius Black’s.

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The James Bond saga

007 is an emblematic figure of London. With the MI6 headquarters well-placed on the banks of the Thames, or also the house of M at Cadogan Square, the World City is the native country of the globe-trotting spy, who loves to come back after his adventures to the land of Her Majesty.

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James Bond is not the only British spy operating in the capital; the members of the Kingsman agency have also made London their preferred playground during their explosive inquiries. The Kingsman agency, Eggsy’s apartment or his friends’ pub are all places to visit in the city.

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Bridget Jones Diary 1 & 2

The ultimate romantic comedy, Bridget Jones Diary tells the story of Bridget, a bachelorette in her 30s seeking the ideal love, and who finds herself all of a sudden in a love triangle that she can’t get out off. As for locations, in London there’s her apartment, the Borough market or even Daniel Cleaver’s apartment.

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The King’s Speech

Colin Firth doesn’t just shine in sentimental films and proves it in The King’s Speech, a historical drama where the youngest of the royal family is given the reins to the kingdom, but is terrified at the idea of public speaking due to his stuttering problem. Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and even 10 Downing Street are some of the mythical places in this no less extraordinary film.

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Notting Hill

An improbable encounter in a most charming quarter with the most charismatic bookshop in cinema, Notting Hill is classic of romantic comedies just like the places shown on screen. Follow in the footsteps of Anna and William, the mythical couple of British cinema, in the famous bookshop, the tattoo salon and even  the Ritz.

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A Clockwork Orange

Stanley Kubrick and A Clockwork Orange are one, and that works out well because the first is the director of the second. Adapted from a novel by Anthony Burgess, the movie was selected by the National Film Registry to be conserved in the library of Congress in the USA for its “cultural, historical or esthetic importance”. Be it the poster, the film or the locations, everything is legendary in Clockwork Orange. You can also go to Edgwarebury Hotel or to Brunel University and still feel the effects, 47 years later.

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V For Vendetta

Even though the movie adapted from the famous comics by Alan Moore and David Lloyd was shot, for most of the scenes, in studios, some real-life settings in the city are recognizable such as Big Ben or Trafalgar Square. The scenes in the metro, however, were filmed in the abandoned Aldwych station.

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Batman Begins

Gotham in London? Nothing is impossible for Christopher Nolan who doesn’t hesitate to send the most American of heroes to London to shoot the Arkham Asylum, Opera and Courthouse scenes.

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The Da Vinci Code

Robert Langdon is off on a race against time to decipher a mysterious code that will bring to surface secrets putting into question the foundations of Christianity. Between Paris and Scotland, the symbology specialist will make a stop in London at Temple Church and Westminster Abbey.

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