Aulnay-sous-Bois: The Robert-Ballanger hospital has been used as a film set numerous time


The inter-community Robert-Ballanger medical center doesn’t only provide medical care for several towns, but since 2005 it has also been the location for many film, series or TV commercial shoots.

Who ever said derelict buildings were useless? Certainly not the Robert-Ballanger hospital managers in Aulnay-sous-Bois (department 93). Three disused units, Mother-Child, stomatology and the medical-social action center are now being used as movie sets.

Films and TV films to start off, the offer has spread to television series as well as commercials. These sites are in such high demand that every month, the hospital management receives numerous requests for authorization to film within the premises. As a matter of fact, one of them was for one of French TV’s key series: Engrenages (Spiral)

More recently, it’s been the latest Canal+ series, Hippocrate (“Hippocrates”), directed by Thomas Lilti, who set up his cameras in the medical center. The series was adapted by the same director from the movie by the same name for channel 4. Even though the full-feature film was shot at several sites such as the Raymond-Poincaré hospital in Garches, the series established their headquarters in Aulnay-sous-Bois.

Louise Bourgoin, Alice Belaïdi and Karim Leklou will play in the new series, which we hope won’t give you the hospital blues!