Top 10 filming locations to visit for Halloween


Feel like a good scare during the most frightening celebration of the year? Then you just have to visit these 10 most terrifying spots from the big and the little screen.

Want some terror for Halloween ?

Halloween is a pagan festival celebrated on the eve of All Saints Day, day of the dead. This very popular event associated with the famous “trick or treating” is also an opportunity to dress up and watch horror films on TV and spend a horrifying evening. Here are 10 places you have to visit to get into the eery but terribly delicious atmosphere of Halloween.

The Yankee Pedlar Inn in Torrington (USA) – The Innkeepers

What better setting for a horror film than a haunted hotel? Retelling the story of a former inn taken over by an enterprising young couple, The Innkeepers really did make a great choice for their filming location at this presumed haunted hotel, the Yankee Pedlar Inn. According to legend, the first proprietor, Alice Conley, died in room 353 and since paranormal happenings haven’t ceased. During the shooting, even Ti West, the director who’s skeptical concerning floating spirits, admitted to witnessing several inexplicable events: a television that goes on and off, doors that slam, flickering lights… Delightful.

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Bisham Manor in LaGrange (USA) – The Haunting of Hill House

Once an impressive series, always an impressive series. The famous house where the Crain family kids grew up and the house they were in such a hurry to leave the night of their mother’s death is actually the Bisham Manor. This residence got its name from a manor located in England, in Berkshire County, and built in 1260. The co-owner of the American manor is a descendant of Margaret Pole, nee Margaret Plantagenet. She used to retreat to this Tudor style manor house which has also accommodated numerous counts of Salisbury as well as Queen Elizabeth I. Royally good.

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Overlook Hotel, various places in the USA – The Shining

We can’t give a precise location here because to represent the Overlook Hotel, two different hotels were used. The first is the Timberline Lodge situated on Mount Hood in Oregon. The exterior of this hotel is the one seen in the film to represent the famous hotel. However, as for the interior, it was filmed at the Majestic Yosemite Hotel in Yosemite Park, California. A third hotel could appear in this list as actually, Stephen King, author of the book the film is based on, took his inspiration from the Stanley Hotel in Estes, Colorado. Destinations galore!

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Michael Myers’ house in Pasadena (USA) – Halloween 

Perhaps the ultimate Halloween movie. In this terrifying horror film directed by John Carpenter, a psychopath by the name of Michael Myers amuses himself by chasing teenagers dressed up for the famous hallowed festival in the streets of Haddonfield, Illinois. Despite the very precise location, the childhood home of the murderer is in fact situated in Pasadena. Enough to get you lost.

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Stairs in Washington (USA) – The Exorcist

Careful not to go head first like Father Karras. Gloomy and steep, these stairs have everything needed to give you goose bumps, without even knowing about the horrific scene from the movie. These steps have been so striking that they have been nicknamed “The Exorcist steps”. Watch your step!

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Ghostbusters Headquarter in New York (USA) - Ghostbusters

Located in Tribeca, south of Manhattan, the easily spottable building is a fire station named Hook & Ladder 8. As an anecdote, it nearly closed in 2011 after budget cuts, but the mobilization of local residents, deeply attached to this building dating from 1895, enabled to keep it going. Not far from the World Trade Center, its firemen were one of the first to intervene during the 9/11 attacks and a sign in the hall displays a few phones exhumed from the ruins of Ground Zero. On the spot, the connections with Ghostbusters still exist ! First of all on the sidewalk where huge letters were drawn establishing a link between the Ghostbusters’ logo and the firemen while inside the poster of Ghostbusters 2 takes pride of place ! The firemen are very welcoming and when they aren’t in operation, they are pleased to pose with the many tourists who visit the place. However, don’t expect to find the entire headquarters of the Ghostbusters, the indoor scenes were shooted in a abandoned fire station in Los Angeles ! 

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Bates Motel in Los Angeles (USA) – Psycho

The motel where the terrifying shower scene takes place, probably one of the most famous in cinema history, is actually a house situated in Universal City. This enormous Universal Studios property includes the theme park Universal Studios Hollywood, a leisure center, a concert hall, the studios and many movie sets. Not possible to take a shower here though.

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Casey’s house in Glen Ellen (USA) – Scream

Amongst the Halloween fiction settings, the home of Casey Becker in Scream is one of the most harrowing. Just as she’s about to watch a horror film, the young Casey plays with the life of her boyfriend, by answering questions from a terrifying individual who threatens to kill her boyfriend if she doesn’t give the right answers about horror films. By getting a wrong answer, the young woman condemns both of them to death. The city of Woodsboro is fictional, but the house does indeed exist, at Glen Ellen. A bit of advice before you go, review your horror trivia!

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Perron family home in Currie (USA) – The Conjuring

Inspired by real life events, The Conjuring is a reference in horror cinema. For the Perron family home, a property in North Carolina was used. Despite that fact, several paranormal events happened during the filming. A mysterious fire, the dog belonging to James Wan, the director, growls at an invisible presence, or even a wind that picks up when the Perron family visit the shooting set, but that has no effect on the surrounding trees … So many weird occurrences that have contributed to the film’s legend. Enough to chill your spine.

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Max and Dani’s house in Salem (USA) - Hocus Pocus

This film isn’t scary, but it takes place at Halloween and in a special town. Max Dennison lights a candle to accidently resurrect three sister witches of Salem, all just to win over the affections of the beautiful Alisson. It’s not a coincidence that this town was chosen for the film as it’s here that the Salem Witches trial took place in 1692. 25 people were executed following the world famous witch hunt which is still exploited tourist wise today. Strange though, can’t find a broom for sale in this town.

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