Top 5 reasons to visit film locations on holiday


It’s the principle behind Fantrippers: follow in the footsteps of your favorite heroes all over the world. But why choose a movie setting as a vacation destination?

A filming location as a vacation destination

It will be near of you, or so far, a filming location it's sometimes a very good vacation destination. Discover why with this five reasons.

1-See a film or series cult location

The apartment building from Friends, Hobbit dwellings in The Lord of the Rings, Amélie Poulain’s café…To actually be in these places discovered on screen in a fiction you love, what better way to step into the shoes of your heroes?

2-Discover the surrounding area

Heading for a filming location allows you to discover other things.  Seeing Dragonstrone’s castle from The Game of Thrones will also enable you to go to Bilbao and take advantage of the nearby beaches, to visit the Guggenheim museum or even eat Pintxos at the Ribeira market.

3- Boost the local economy

Would you have ever thought of going to Iceland for your holidays?    There are better places if you want to get some color, but it’s the occasion to discover the film settings of Tomb Raider, or even Thor, and also to frequent some of the typical Icelandic shops where you will be new unexpected customers.

4- Get away from the crowds

Certain film locations are off the beaten tourist track.  You can go, for example, to Gordola in Switzerland and visit Verzasca Dam seen in GoldenEye.  A little treasure unveiled thanks to the cinema.

5- Rediscover cities you thought you knew

Paris is a dynamic and multicultural city.  But it’s also a city full of history that inspires many directors who come to set up their cameras in spots you wouldn’t even suspect.   Take for example the Plougastel crepe restaurant in the series Twin Peaks as we mention in our Guide to Paris– 1000 cult locations in movies, series, music, comics, novels.  If you live here, it’s also an opportunity to look around closer to home and rediscover your own town or region.

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