San Diego welcomes Tom Cruise for Top Gun 2


More than 30 years after having captured the hearts of fans, Tom Cruise is back in the outfit of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. The sequel to the legendary Top Gun by Tony Scott marks a return to the roots as the filming will be in San Diego, just like the original in 1986.

San Diego, Top Gun's land

Fans favorite airman is returning to service at the North Island Naval Air Station, near the city of Coronado in California. To be exact, the army’s naval station is situated in San Diego bay, just opposite the downtown. According to several local media, several scenes on board a plane have already been filmed. However, the production team may have encountered planning problems with the army. It has been announced that from now on the flight scenes will be filmed in 2019. The local TV station FOX 26 (KM PH) has announced though that the plane models F-18 E/F Super Hornet and the brand new F-35 Strike Fighter will be the ones used in Top Gun 2. Other scenes were also filmed on board the ship USS Abraham Lincoln on the east coast of the bay.

 Although the sites mentioned up to now are strictly forbidden to the public, the more dedicated fans may be happy to know that Tom Cruise has been seen several times between Alameda Blvd and 4th Street in Coronado to film a motorcycle scene.

Until we know more about the film production in San Diego, we can at least affirm that it won’t be released before the end of June 2020. Earlier this year, Tom Cruise also announced that the film would be entitled Top Gun: Maverick. According to Paramount Pictures studios, this sequel will explore the world of new technology, in particular that of drones, with fifth generation pilots, bringing to an end the era of aerial combat.

Synopsis: Continuation of the battles of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, at a time when fighter pilots are threatened by new generation drones.

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