Ryan Reynolds on the film set of Six Underground in Florence


Reputed for his explosive films, the director Michael Bay is shooting in Florence, Italy, and Ryan Reynolds talks about the “stillness” and “quiet moments” when working with Bay.

A Six Underground shooting "so quiet" in Florence

The video, filmed at number 2 Via Lupo in Florence, made a lot of his fans laugh. While the actor from Deadpool is talking about the calm that reigns over the shooting site of the new Michael Bay film, Six Underground, an explosion detonates just behind him.

Bad Boys, Armageddon, Transformers or No Pain No Gain, Michael Bay movies are generally punctuated with numerous stunts often ending in explosions and gigantic columns of fire.  Being in the cradle of the Renaissance hasn’t stopped this American director.

Founded in 59 BC, the city that was at the time a simple small town would go through rapid growth and become the eighth biggest city in Italy.  It’s actually in Florence that the first European academies were founded as of 1434.

Six Underground will be available on Netflix in 2019, with scenes in Rome and Los Angeles as well.

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