The Joker’s origins are in Brooklyn


Joaquin Phoenix plays the new version of the Joker, whose history is finally going to be revealed, as these images show.

The Joker in Brooklyn

Filmed in the streets and in the subway of Brooklyn, the next Joker will be unprecedented because it’ll deal with the character’s origins. You have to admit, it’s not insignificant.  In comics, very few authors have dared unveil the history of the most smiling super villain in the DC comic universe, but also the wackiest.

Alan Moore has imagined how a normal man could have turned into an evil version of a circus clown.  In this version, the Joker is a failed comedian who agrees to take part in a break-in to meet the needs of his pregnant wife.  With the chemical products encountered during this break-in and the sudden death of his wife, the Joker becomes the character that we all know today. 

Le Joker d'Alan Moore aux éditions DC Comics

Not much chance that this might be the version of Flashpoint adapted.  Indeed, in this version, it’s Bruce Wayne, and not his parents, who die in the infamous dark alley.  His mother, Martha, grief ridden, sinks into madness and becomes the Joker, whereas his father, Thomas, becomes Batman.  The only thing in common between these two versions is Gotham.

Gotham is the city of all evils, protected by Batman, alias Bruce Wayne.  Even in the middle of the summer, the megalopolis is the darkest, most terrifying of all.  In reality, Gotham takes inspiration from New York.  The first version of the Black Night fought in the streets of New York before the creators, Bob Kane and Bill Finger, decided to make Gotham an actual full-fledged city. 

The origin of this name goes back to 1807.  It’s actually the nickname given to New York by Washington Irving, in reference to an English village in Nottinghamshire, inhabited, according to legend, by idiots.  Literally in old English, the name means “the goat house”.

Une chèvre, image gratuite du site Pixabay

Let’s go back to Brooklyn…What better place to represent the bat city than this borough of New York, often used in the series Gotham?  The Brooklyn Army Terminal, the Brooklyn Navy Yard Dry Docks or Bamonte’s: so many places in Brooklyn that make up a true-to-life Gotham and in our guide New York of 1000 cult movies, series, musics, comics and novels locations.  What places are used in the film Joker? Get to your keyboards!