Hastings-on-Hudson, setting for the film I Think We’re Alone Now


The actor that played Tyrion Lannister will star in I Think We’re Alone Now, first showing planned for September 14th in Los Angeles and New York, and the 21st everywhere else. The film was shot in Hastings-on-Hudson, in the state of New York.

A Lannister in Hastings-on-Hudson

Peter Dinklage puts aside his Tyrion role in the Game of Thrones to take up that of Del in the post-apocalyptic flick  I Think We’re Alone Now.

The recently released trailer lays the cards on the table:  Del realizes that he’s alone after a catastrophe, and even thinks he might be the last survivor on earth.  This finding proves false when a young girl, Grace (Elle Fanning), shows up in his life in a dramatic way following a car accident.

He gets her to help him in his new occupation: bury one-by-one the inhabitants of his town, all mysteriously dead.

This town is Hastings-on-Hudson, where the filming sites are numerous, from Del’s apartment, to the where Grace’s accident happened, via the library and even the place where he buries the bodies as well as the main street that he walks down alone. You can see the city on the movie The Hustler too.

Del and Grace are certainly not alone as Paul Giamatti and Charlotte Gainsbourg are part of the cas.