New York: Top 5 of You've Got Mail filming locations


A mythical romantic comedy. Between Joe Fox (Tom Hanks), owner of a huge chain of New York bookshops, and Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan), owner of a small bookstore threatened by the arrival of a Fox Books branch, the meetings make sparks, whether physical or digital.

You've Got Mail from New York

You've Got Mail, a mythical romantic comedy to see absolutely. Another things to see absolutely, the guide New York of 1000 cult movies, series, musics, comics and novels locations.

Guide New York of 1000 cult movies, series, musics, comics and novels locations

The shop around the corner

Unfortunately, Kathleen Kelly’s (Meg Ryan) beautiful children’s bookshop doesn’t exist but the storefront is still easily recognizable. Actually, there has never been a bookshop at this location but rather an antiques store whose friendly and picturesque setting had seduced the producers.  They actually rented the shop for several weeks to change it into a bookstore. This spot is now a drycleaners.

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Cafe Lalo

Kathleen waits for Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) inside after they finally decide to meet in person following their email exchanges.  But each of them thinks the presence of the other is a coincidence and that their real rendezvous hasn’t arrived yet. Thus follows a memorable exchange about the novel Pride and Prejudice.  The place hasn’t changed and the pastries are delicious.

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Verdi Square

Living in the same area, Kathleen and Joe cross tracks several times without seeing each other in this magnificent little triangular park.  Later, they talk together sat on a bench or strolling in the market still held today certain days of the week. We also see them having a bite the other side of the square at “Gray’s Papaya” whose hot dogs are considered to be the best in New York.

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Joe Fox’s apartment

It’s not always what it seems:  though in the film the building number shown out front is 152, it is indeed from this residence that we see Joe come out of when he leaves his apartment.

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Kathleen Kelly’s apartment

Kathleen lives only five blocks away from Joe with whom the carries on the notorious digital correspondence.  The park where they get together at the end is not far, near 90thSt.

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