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The locations of La Faute in Haute-Savoie [Spoiler Alert]

The synopsis: Lisa Tedesco (Valérie Karsenti) feels guilty, Lucie Riverti (Delphine Lacheteau), the daughter of her friend Claire (Natacha Lindinger), was supposed to sleep at home, but the teenager disappears while a sexual predator prowls around the area. Lisa will do anything to find her, at the risk of her own life.

Adapted from the novel Just What Kind of Mother Are You? (La Faute in French) by Paula Daly, this mini-series thriller puts the Annecy region in the spotlight.

Of course, the sublime mountains of Haute-Savoie are also present on many levels, as well as the splendid Lake Annecy.

In the first episode, the young Juliette Roure (Laura Dary) is found, shocked, at the sports complex of Rumilly, while it hosts a women’s football match. The façade of the Thurin school group

In their search for the predator, the investigators search hotels and in particular the Impérial Palace, overlooking Lake Annecy. Built in 1913, the establishment had its heyday until 1965. Bought by the City in 1967, the building was partially destroyed by fire in 1981. In the absence of buyers capable of preserving the building in its original state and respecting the non-privatisation of the park, the building remained without any real attribution until 1984. The Jung Hotel Group acquired the hotel on that date and then withdrew in favour of the Hopf Group. Work finally began and the complex finally opened in 1990. Since 2013, Imperial Palace has belonged to the PVG group in La Clusaz.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Inès Courtois (Salomé Granelli) have an appointment at the Cercle Nautique du Lanfonnet with “Yann”, an extreme sports enthusiast. What they don’t know is that he’s the much sought-after sexual predator.

Later, Dixie, the retired customs dog collected by the SPA in which Lisa works, sniffs out a trail to the gîte Les Mésanges de Thônes. The mother of the family finds Ines there, tied to a bed.

Once apprehended, the predator takes investigators to the Quail Bridge, where, in a nearby cave, he holds Lucie. In fact it was a ploy to commit suicide from the top of the bridge to avoid ending up in jail.

After finding a camera in their house during a search, the police suspect Matt Tedesco (Philippe Lelièvre), Lisa’s husband, in the case of Lucie’s kidnapping. In the video, the girl declares her love for the married man and says that she will stop at nothing to experience her romance with him in the open. Lisa tries to find them, but has to lose the police who are watching her closely. She goes to the Edelweiss bar in Montmin and goes through the back door to escape into the woods to her husband’s cottage.

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Discover all the locations where La Faute was filmed thanks to our interactive map.

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By Anthony Thibault

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

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