Free Guy: A GTA in Massachusetts

What would happen if an NPC decided to rebel? Free Guy answers the question with Ryan Reynolds in the heart of a GTA in Massachusetts.

Free Guy in Massachusetts

What is Free Guy about? Ryan Reynolds plays in this movie an NPC, a Nonplayer Character or in other words a character in a computer-controlled video game, in an open world strongly resembling Grand Theft Auto.

For Guy, played by Ryan Reynolds, that’s enough. He decides to rebel and become the defender of his compatriots. Completely crazy and with the tone of humour we know him for, Ryan Reynolds signs here an action comedy directed by Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum, Crazy Night, Stranger Things).

As for the filming locations, this fictional American city, Free City, is in fact largely Boston. The cameras were set up in the Financial District of the city. Guy is a bank employee, working at the FC Savings Bank materialized in reality, for the outside, by the One Liberty Square in Boston. For the interior, the old Framingham Bank building in Framingham was used as the filming location.

The small square in Liberty Square is also largely used in the trailer. It is here that a good number of offences are committed and that Guy discovers with surprise the joys of the glasses of the player he killed a few seconds earlier in the bank.

For fans of video games, comedies or explosive action, Free Guy is a film to put on your list. To be seen in theaters on July 1, 2020.

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By Damien Duarte

Friday, December 20, 2019

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