Follow in the footsteps of Woody Allen in New York...


Woody Allen and New York, a true romance

What better starting point for our Woody Allen journey than the poster of his Manhattan masterpiece? Of course we’re talking about Sutton Place

Then head over to 21 Club, where Larry and Carol meet Marcia for their son’s birthday in Manhattan’s Mysterious Murder. Attended by many celebrities, this restaurant is a true New York institution, renowned as much for its cuisine as for its setting, just like the many objects offered by artistic, sporting or political personalities. His wine cellar is just as legendary. It’s a great place to sustenance in a unique setting before heading to the Bow Tie Cinemas Ziegfeld Ballroom, a famous New York venue where the Liquidator preview takes place in Celebrity. Like this feature film in the film, the famous 1152-seat New York theatre has often been used for preview screenings.

two blocks north, the Russian Tea Room is reaching out to you. It is in this unmissable restaurant, open since 1927, that Isaac takes his son to dinner. A visit to P.J. Clarke’s, west of Central Park, is a must. This is where the final scene of Annie Hall takes place, where Alvy and Annie share a meal after meeting by chance in the street. If it was indeed a restaurant, since then the establishment has changed owners and was taken over in 2007 by this New York institution with its renowned cuisine. The view of Lincoln Center is identical.

Hannah’s apartment, in Hannah and her sisters, is located at 135 Central Park West, the home of Mia Farrow (Hannah), the director’s companion. According to Woody Allen, the actress had one day stumbled upon a television broadcast of the film while at home and observed herself on the screen in the places where she was. A strange experience.

See you at the Hayden Planetarium

In the park, north of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, take time to walk under the Gothic Bridge. The theatre of philosophical exchanges between David and Jerry in Anything Else: life and everything else. This bridge is one of the three that can be admired around the reservoir. Its unique architecture is inspired by the Gothic churches of the Middle Ages.

Head out across the park to visit the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, where Isaac and Mary meet for the first time in early Manhattan. Of the 6,000 works owned by the institution, only 3% are exhibited. All the scenes in the film were shot in real life. Woody Allen saw Manhattan as an ode to his city and could not conceive of shooting any footage in the studio.

On Madison Avenue, further south, you find on your way the Funeral Chapel, which can be seen in Everybody says I Love You before returning to Central Park, aboard a boat on The Lake, like Isaac and Mary in Manhattan. Larry Lipton lives a few blocks east at 200 East 78th Street in Manhattan’s Mystery Murder.

Finally, finish the tour at the home of Annie, the heroine of the cult movie Annie Hall, at 41 East 68th Street. The location of the house is not insignificant: Woody Allen said that this street was his favourite in New York. The rooftop where they take the aperitif is that of a neighbouring building at 36 East 68th Street.

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Thursday, November 21, 2019

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