Fantastic Beasts 2: New York, Paris and London on the agenda

Released in theatres on November 15, 2018, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is the sequel to the first opus of Fantastic Beasts telling the story of Newt Scamander, a famous zoologist of magical animals.
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New York, Paris and London for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

New York, Paris, London, it seems that David Yates and J.K. Rowling were inspired by Fantrippers to determine the three main cities of the Fantastic Beasts 2 action. In the second feature film in the saga, which echoes the global Harry Potter phenomenon, three of the world’s most filmed cities are shown.

Big Apple is the least represented since we only see the Woolworth building, headquarters of the MACUSA, the magic congress of the United States, already seen in the film of 2016 as we mention in our New York Guide of 1000 cult places of movies, series, music, comics, novels. Grindelwald is locked up here, before his spectacular escape.

Then it’s the turn of London where our favourite scientist, Newt Scamander, lives. Summoned to the British Ministry of Magic, we can also see his lodging where he meticulously keeps and cares for the animals in his care, with Bunty’s assistance. During a stroll through the streets of the British capital, Newt misbehaves with a member of the ministry tracking him, and finds Dumbledore on the roof of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. The teacher and his former student split up on Lambeth Bridge, a nod to Harry Potter as it is one of the points of the magicobus’ journey.

Revelio on the city of light

Paris is at the center of the film. The City of Light welcomes the darkness generated by Grindelwald. Among the places in Paris, we recognize the structure of the grand palace that inspired the French minister of magic (mentioned in our Paris guide), one of its entrances located in the center of the Place Furstenberg, but also the Père Lachaise cemetery with the Lestrange family vault, meeting place of Grindelwald’s disciples. For this last point, it is important to wave your wand and pronounce the famous formula “Revelio”. In reality, the cemetery filmed is not Parisian since it is the one in Highgate.

The scenes in the house of Nicolas Flamel, a precious ally of Newt in the film, were not shot in the real house of the alchemist, located at 51 rue de Montmorency in Paris and now home to a gourmet restaurant. As for the statue giving access to rue Claudel, the French side street, it is not in the street, but at the Opéra Garnier. It is the statue of Pythia, representing the hidden side of the theater as its tragedies.

Finally, these three cities were not the only ones filmed, as Lacock Abbey in England is seen for the scenes at Hogwarts. Magical settings.

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By Damien Duarte

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Passionné par la culture pop depuis son enfance, ses références vont de Donald Duck à Batman en passant par Marty McFly. Fantripper dans l'âme, voyager sur les traces de Ghostbusters, James Bond ou des héros de romans comme Cotton Malone fait partie d'un séjour idéal et réussi !

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