Vieux-Port of La Rochelle

Movie The Wannabes Jonathan Barré (2022)
The next episode of the parody series Alex Martini, starring Fred Costa (Damien Gillard), takes place in the Vieux-Port of La Rochelle.
Port of La Rochelle
The entrance to the Port of La Rochelle by Jean-Pierre Bazard Jpbazard via Wikimedia Commons

“I can get an autograph, it’s for Bruno. It’s not every day you see stars.”

Gendarme (Nicolas Martinez)

Alex Martini, Brigade Fluviale is the summer series of the production company PROD 106. Carried by the star host Fred Costa (Damien Gillard), the action takes place mainly in La Rochelle, on the Vieux-Port. It was later learned that the series had to be interrupted because of a serious accident of the main actor, having fallen into the water after shooting a video for his story on his social networks.

The Palmashow loves to parody, whether in their sketches or in movies. Alex Martini, Brigade Fluviale is a parody of Léo Matteï, Brigade des mineurs, a French series also starring game show host Jean-Luc Reichmann.

To promote the movie Les Vedettes, the Palmashow decided to do what they do best: sketches. Having a base of 3.77 million subscribers on Youtube, they are lucky to be able to use this privileged channel. Not being comfortable talking on camera, the duo preferred to make three new sketches accumulating nearly 6 million views, only one week after the release of the film.


After four years without an idea, it took only 5 months for the Palmashow to write the script for Les Vedettesbetween September 2020 and January 2021.

Vieux Port de La Rochelle

Regrouping several structures, the port of La Rochelle is an essential element of the economic network of Charente-Maritime.

The port of La Rochelle includes the autonomous port, the submarine base, created during the occupation, the fishing port of Chef de Baie and the marina. It is within this last one that are grouped the Old-Port, the port of Minimes and the Port-Neuf. The Old Port is undoubtedly the most touristic part, with its vestiges like the Chain Tower and the Saint-Nicolas Tower. Two monuments integrated into the city’s fortifications. The port has evolved considerably, without losing its identity. Every year, it attracts thousands of tourists as well as several cultural and sporting events.

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