Velaryon base

TV show House of the Dragon (2022)
The Valaryons attempt to take back the Degrees of Stone from Craghas Drahar, aka the Craghas Crabfeeder (Daniel Scott-Smith). While they strategize, Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) flies over the beach on a dragon. A creature whose fire is not enough to win.
Kynance Cove
Kynance Cove by Tommytrouble. Wikimedia.

“The Crabfeeder and his men have no reason to leave those caves.”

Laenor Velaryon (John MacMillan)

Visible in the second episode of the first season of House of the Dragon, the beach of Craghas Crabfeeder (Daniel Scott-Smith) is overlooked in the series by an imposing cliff from which the Velaryons watch the battle. In fact, the site was the subject of the bold assembly of Kynance Cove, where the characters establish their strategy, and Holywell Bay, the beach where the battle takes place.

Réplique du Trône de Fer - Game of Thrones
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Battle at Kynance Cove

The scene in which the Velaryons try to devise a plan of attack was one of the scenes that the production could not keep secret. Several fans, informed of the filming of House of the Dragon in Kynance Cove, managed to “steal” images of the scene.

The digital effects specialists then integrated the dragon and the beach below with the battle in the distance. On the screen, Kynance Cove is thus unrecognizable, to say the least, even if some details allow to recognize the place. The battle itself was filmed on the parking lot of the Leavendens studios, where several tons of sand were brought.

Caraxes is one of the most powerful dragons in the House of the Dragon universe. Mounted by Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith), it has a ferocity like no other and, with its bright red color, strikes fear into the minds of its enemies.


Daemon Targaryen is the great, great, great, great, great, great uncle of Daenerys Targaryen.

Base guerrière des Velaryon
Base des Velaryon. Tous droits réservés : HBO.
Les Velaryon en guerre
Les Velaryon entrent en guerre. Tous droits réservés : HBO.

Kynance Cove

A beautiful cove near Mount’s Bay, Kynance Cove is managed by the National Trust.

Shaped by erosion, Kynance Cove is a major geological site. Praised by botanists because of the wide variety of plants present, the site is also famous for its small islands and other spectacular rocks. It is here that Porter’s Hardy, a very rare migratory butterfly, was first recorded. Kynance Cove was exploited as part of the filming of And Then There Were None, according to Agatha Christie, Poldark or House of the Dragon.

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Monday, September 12, 2022

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