Tuco Salamanca Headquarters

TV show Breaking Bad (2008)
Tuco Salamanca (Raymond Cruz) receives his dealers from a small café in Albuquerque. An establishment visible from the first season of Breaking Bad, actually called Java Joe's. A place to enjoy some of the best coffee in the state.
Anna Joe's
Java Joe's Albuquerque by Anna Irene. Wikimedia.

“- Are you fucking nuts?

– Want to find out?”

Tuco Salamanca (Raymond Cruz) and Walter White (Bryan Cranston)

A coffee shop as HQ

Using real places located in Albuquerque, where the plot of the series also takes place, allowed Vince Gilligan, the showrunner of Breaking Bad to give his work a very realistic patina. It also gave him the opportunity to build fewer sets in the studio and to bring together local businesses that were happy to benefit from the show’s success.

Tuco Salamanca’s (Raymond Cruz) coffee can be seen in the first season when Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) tries to sell him a package of stolen methamphetamine. Java Joe’s, the real coffee used by the production also made its return in season 2. It is here, on the second floor, that Walter White (Bryan Cranston) confronts Tuco Salamanca and ends up causing an explosion with a most unstable chemical mixture.

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Tuco, a character appreciated by the fans

If the career of Raymond Cruz counts many roles of villains, it is well that of Tuco Salamanca that the fans have most appreciated. This is one of the reasons why Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould decided to bring him back in Better Call Saul, the spin-off of Breaking Bad. The actor explained himself about Tuco in the columns of the magazine Esquire: “I don’t put those kinds of judgments on the character. I just allow him to breathe. What he thinks he’s doing is right, so I don’t really see him as being bad.“Fans can rest assured, however, that Tuco has long since deserted the tables at Java Joe’s.


Java Joe’s only appears in the first two seasons of Breaking Bad.

Tuco Headquarters
Tuco’s headquarters. All rights reserved: AMC.

Java Joe's

This café gained international fame thanks to the Breaking Bad series, in which Tuco Salamanca has its operational center there.

Specializing in freshly roasted organic coffee, Java Joe’s promotes eco-responsible ethics. Equipped with a sunny patio, it allows you to enjoy quality beverages in a typical New Mexico atmosphere. In addition to hot drinks, the establishment offers a rich menu of sweet and savory specialities. It stands out in particular thanks to the street art fresco decorating one of its exterior walls.

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