The Westin Paris - Vendôme

TV show Call My Agent (2015)
The Westin Paris comes back regularly in the series and this from the first episode.

“Cecile, where are you now? We’re at the Westin, everyone’s waiting for you.”

Gabriel (Grégory Montel)

Regularly on screen, the Westin appears in particular in the first scenes of the series, when Gabriel goes to a photo shoot with Cecile de France.

It is in particular on the spot that he learns that she will finally not be retained for the film of Quentin Tarantino, a role that she waited more than all.


1,000,000 euros is the average cost of an episode of the series.

Scene at The Westin Paris in Call my agent
Scene at The Westin Paris in Call my agent (Photo credit: France télévisions)
Scene at The Westin Paris in Call my agent
Scene at The Westin Paris in Call my agent (Photo credit: France télévisions)

The Westin Paris - Vendôme

Built in 1878, the prestigious Westin Hotel has hosted the world’s greatest and has fascinated for over 140 years.

Opened in 1878, The Westin, then called the Hotel Continental, was built on the ruins of the Ministry of Finance. Renovated in 1963 and 1974, it was renamed Grand Hotel Intercontinental Paris. It was bought in 2005 and took its current name, The Westin. In 2016, the Marriott group took over the establishment.

In nearly 140 years, it’s not just the owners who have come and gone. Famous clients too. The Empress Eugenie, Victor Hugo, Queen Marie of Romania, King Peter I of Serbia, King Fouad I of Egypt, Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg, Jacques Chirac, Grace of Monaco, Woody Allen, Colin Powell and the Dalai Lama have all stayed here.

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