The school of Tootuff

Comics Titeuf : God, sex and Suspenders Zep (1992)
Still a young boy, Tootuff is forced to go to school to learn the life of a grown-up...
École Jacques-Dalphin à Carouge
École Jacques-Dalphin à Carouge - Crédit : MHM55, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

“S’not fair”


Life according to a young boy

At the age of eight, then ten, Tootuff is a young boy discovering the life of grown-ups. Alone in his room or with friends in the playground, Tootuff often has a very naive vision of his questions.

A mysterious location

The city where Tootuff and his friends live is a great mystery. No album of the series, nor episode of the animation series revealed the location of the adventures of the little boy with the blond lock.

Yet the school where the children meet is not unknown and has many similarities with a Swiss school.

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The real school of Tootuff

Only 24 years old, Philippe Chappuis aka Zep is drawing the pages of his new comic book. The idea of the adventures of a young boy came to him during the recreation hours of the school just in front of his workshop. The carefree age of his children and his memories give birth to Tootuff.

When it comes to setting the action in a school, Zep didn’t look far. He was inspired by the same school, the model in his comic strip: the Jacques-Dalphin school in Carouge.

Several years after the creation of Tootuff, in order to pay homage to the boy with the blond hair, a bronze statue of him is installed in the playground, where it all began…


The comic book series Tootuff is translated in more than 25 countries.

Planche de Dieu, le sexe et les bretelles
Planche de Dieu, le sexe et les bretelles – Crédit : Zep, Glénat
Extrait de la série d'animation Titeuf
Extrait de la série d’animation Titeuf – Crédit : France Télévisions
Statue de Titeuf dans la cour de l'école à Carouge
Statue de Titeuf dans la cour de l’école à Carouge – Crédit : MHM55, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

School Jacques-Dalphin

Also known as Titeuf’s school, the Jacques-Dalphin school is a school in the city of Carouge.

The Jacques-Dalphin school, which has about 350 students, was built in 1871 on the site of a former prison. This building, designed by the architect John Camoletti, is nowadays known by everyone thanks to its representation in one of the most famous comic strips: Titeuf.

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