The New York Palace Hotel

Saga Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)
TV show Hawkeye (2021)
Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) recovers the Ronin costume during an attack by the Sweatshirt Gang at a secret auction held at the New York Palace Hotel.
Lotte New York Palace Hotel
Lotte New York Palace Hotel. Photo credit: Fantrippers

“Up next, we have lot number 3-0-9. The companion piece, the Ronin suit.”

The auctioneer

During a charity event at the New York Palace Hotel, Kate (Hailee Steinfeld) sneaks backstage where a secret auction is being held. During the sale, many items from the Avengers HQ are offered for sale. Among these items, the Ronin’s ancient retractable sword catches the eye of her mother’s boyfriend Jack Duquesne (Tony Dalton).

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As the sword passes under Jack’s nose, an attack from the overgrown gang comes. In the panic, Kate puts on the old Ronin costume and attacks the attackers, while Jack takes the opportunity to steal the sword.

Tony Dalton who plays Jack Duquesne is really good with a sword. Indeed, during an interview, he revealed that he has fencing skills. A point not to be neglected when we know that in the comics, Jack Duquesne is in reality Swordsman.

833 000

One week after the trailer was posted on Youtube, the video generated 833,000 likes, becoming the most liked trailer of a Disney+ series on Youtube.

Scene The New York Palace Hotel in Hawkeye
The New York Palace Hotel scene in Hawkeye – Credit: Marvel Studios
Scene The New York Palace Hotel in Hawkeye
The New York Palace Hotel scene in Hawkeye – Credit: Marvel Studios

Lotte New York Palace

The New York Palace Hotel, or Lotte New York Palace, is a five-star hotel combining history and modernity.

It is accessed by the immense Villard Mansion, a magnificent mansion with an interior courtyard, built between 1882 and 1884 by Henry Villard, the boss of the Northern Pacific Railway.

When the decision to transform the place was made, a 55-story glass tower was built just behind it.

Opened in 1981, the hotel has 822 rooms and 87 suites.

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