The Kennedy Pub

Movie Un jour mon prince Flavia Coste (2017)
Blondine (Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse) and Mélusine (Mylène Saint-Sauveur) meet several suitors during a speed dating session in a Parisian bar. It is in fact the Kennedy pub in Angouleme.
The Kennedy Pub
The Kennedy Pub - Crédit : Fantrippers

“We’ll never make it! That’s 50 guys marching in front of the rest of us and there’s not a shadow of a prince.”

Blondine (Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse)

In their quest to find a Prince Charming to save the fairy kingdom, Blondine (Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse) and Mélusine (Mylène Saint-Sauveur) sign up on the dating site “”. They obtain several appointments in a Parisian bar where the various “charming princes” present themselves. This is actually the Kennedy pub in Angoulême and not a bar in the French capital.

While Flavia Coste is mostly used to writing her short films alone, she has teamed up with Gabor Rassov for the script ofOne Day My Prince. She wished to have an external and masculine look to have more facility to“scratch the image of the prince charming“.


Princess Aurora has been asleep for almost 100 years. If no one wakes her up with a kiss, the fairy kingdom will disappear. Two fairies are sent to Paris, city of love.

Scène dans The Kennedy Pub dans Un jour mon prince
Scene in The Kennedy Pub in Un jour mon prince – Credit : Paradis Films
Scene in The Kennedy Pub in One Day My Prince
Scene in The Kennedy Pub in Un jour mon prince – Credit : Paradis Films

10 Rue Tison d'Argence

The Kennedy Pub is an Irish pub located in the heart of Angoulême.

A real Irish pub, the Kennedy regularly offers concerts and broadcasts of rugby and soccer matches. An obligatory place to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with the people of Angoulême.

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