The Goonies house

Movie The Goonies Richard Donner,Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus (1985)
The epicentre of the extraordinary epic of The Goonies is a small, quiet town in Oregon, between the walls of a beautiful white house surrounded by trees.
Goonies House
Goonies House - Credit: subindie on flickr

“Use the stairs! Stairs! The stupid guys tell me to use the stairs when Data’s falling. If Data’s hurt, nobody cares anymore.”

Data (Jonathan Ke Quan)

The filming of The Goonies began on October 22, 1984. At the helm, Richard Donner, still reeling from the success of Superman, is unknowingly about to add a new classic to his filmography that will leave its mark on millions of viewers. If the atmosphere is good on the set, the director regularly complains about the indiscipline of the children but Steven Spielberg, often present, manages to maintain a nice harmony. Sean Astin, the interpreter of Mikey Walsh, would later state in his autobiography There and Back Again that from his point of view, the two filmmakers had truly made the feature film hand in hand.

Rather than shooting mostly in a studio, the team favoured natural settings and set up shop in the city of Astoria, on the west coast of the United States, in a relatively wild region. A real house was chosen to house the Walsh family. The beach, Haystack Rock, the Flavel House Museum and the prison are also exploited. The latter now houses the Oregon Film Museum. Nevertheless, the underground scenes are produced from the Warner Bros studios, in Burbank and notably in the gigantic Stage 16, where the Goonies find Willy the One-Eyed Man’s ship.

Afterwards, the now famous house saw a succession of owners and fans. In 2001, Sandi Preston moved in. Well aware of the role her new home has played in the history of American cinema, she says she is a fan of The Goonies. Everything is going well. Sometimes people come knocking on his door. One day, a lady comes up to her and explains that her late son was a fan of the feature film. She holds his ashes in her hand. Sandi Preston suggested that she scatter them in the garden, which was then in full bloom. She would later say that others had illegally entered the yard to do the same. However, in 2005, for the film’s 20th anniversary, encouraged by a sign installed by the Astoria town hall, nearly 1,200 people flocked to the site. In 2015, for the thirtieth anniversary, 10,000 fans invaded the property. If some are respectful, others much less so and Sandi Preston must clean up the garbage left by these unwanted visitors. This encouraged him to tarp the house to hide it from outside view. Since then, it has become much more difficult to admire the Walsh mansion and on the Internet, many people deplore this state of affairs while others understand perfectly. The story doesn’t say if Sandi still likes the movie that much.

Produced and imagined by Steven Spielberg, directed by Richard Donner on a screenplay by Chris Columbus, The Goonies managed to amass nearly $125 million at the box office, thus more than paying off its $19 million budget.


Despite its cult status , the film won only two awards, the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress for Anne Ramsey and the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Motion Picture by a Young Actor for Sean Astin.

Scene in front of the Goonies house
Scene in front of the Goonies house – Credit: Warner Bros Pictures and Amblin Entertainment
Scene in front of the Goonies house
Scene in front of the Goonies house – Credit: Warner Bros Pictures and Amblin Entertainment
Scene in front of the Goonies house
Scene in front of the Goonies house – Credit: Warner Bros Pictures and Amblin Entertainment

370 38th St

In the state of Oregon, in Astoria, this beautiful house at 370 38th St refers to a golden age of American popular cinema.

A beautiful wrap-around porch, white walls and greenery in the background. Built in 1914, the Goonies house is as majestic as it is iconic. Another famous building in this quiet neighborhood is the one from the movie ... Learn more about 370 38th St

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