The covered halls

Comics Les souvenirs de Mamette Nob (2017)
Mamette is happy with her grandparents. She is even allowed to walk alone in the village. It passes then in front of the covered market...
Halles couvertes Gençay
Halles couvertes Gençay - Crédit photo : Fantrippers

“I have never lived here, but my family is from Gençay on my father’s side and Blanzay on my mother’s side. I used to spend my vacations here. I loved going to my uncle Pierre Chevrier’s house, who had a large collection of comic books. Then it was magical to see him draw. I have fond memories of what he did at the Gençay cultural center.”

Nob, the author of Souvenirs de Mamette

While staying with her grandparents, Marinette alias Mamette walks in the village. It passes in front of the covered halls. This central place in the towns and cities was very animated. Merchants from the surrounding area came to sell fruits, vegetables and other foods. If today, the big surfaces have changed the modes of consumption, the local producers continue to make live the small communes.

Nob, the author of Souvenirs de Mamette, is an intimate of the town of Gençay. Although he never lived in the town, the Tourangeau spent many vacations there with his paternal grandparents. Even if he refutes having wanted to make Gençay, the town of Marinette’s grandparents, many places are evoked in the three albums. In addition to the covered market, readers can discover the wash house and the old dairy of the old castle.


Les souvenirs de Mamette is composed of three albums. The mother series, Mamette, has 6 of them.

15 Pl. du Marché

Located in the department of Vienne (86), the town of Gençay is home to superb covered market halls.

As surprising as it may seem, the covered market of Gençay is adjacent to the town hall. The two buildings share the same walls.

Twinned with Breckerfeld in Germany, the small commune is currently composed of about 1800 inhabitants. Two castles can be seen there, that of Galmoisin and Gençay. The latter, built in the 12th century, is a defensive building. Its entrance castle, its curtains, its towers and its location made it almost impossible to take. Today in ruins, it is open to the public.

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