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Saga Ghostbusters
Movie Ghostbusters: Afterlife Jason Reitman (2020)
Phoebe (Mckenna Grace), Trevor (Finn Wolfhard) and Podcast (Logan Kim) take on a ghost chase for the first time in the legendary Cadillac Ecto-1. The two of them burst into the quiet streets of Summerville and soon start to cause panic among the residents.
Fort MacLeod
Fort Macleod by Jason Woodhead

Wow! Is there a gunner position?

Podcast (Logan Kim)

The development of the third part of the Ghostbusters saga is proving to be complicated. Mentioned in 2004, the project seems to be compromised because of Bill Murray’s lack of interest. However, in January 2010, Ivan Reitman, the director of the first two films, announced that he would be returning to his post. Even Bill Murray seems to have changed his mind. In February, the death of Harold Ramis, the interpreter of Egon Spengler, brings the film to a halt. In October 2010, Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd reactivated it and wanted to reunite the original team, despite the absence of Harold Ramis. The script is reworked and Ivan Reitman chooses to leave his place, preferring to concentrate on the production. His son Jason takes over and filming finally begins, under the title Rust City, in July 2019, after a cast consisting of the old actors but also new ones is finalized.

The entire team crossed the border to Canada, to the province of Alberta, because of the financial advantages offered by the country. The decorators set up Egon Spengler’s strange farmhouse in a large field. Built from scratch, it has since been dismantled.

To create the town of Summerville, Jason Reitman developed Fort MacLeod, also in Alberta. It is here that he shoots the first real sequence with the mythical car of the ghost hunters, when the young heroes take on the hunt for the new version of the famous Clogger. The team also takes the opportunity to damage the beautiful front of the Empress Theatre, one of the city’s cultural landmarks, with a proton pack! Note that Jason Reitman did not have access to the real car used by his father in the 1984 film. Kept in Sony’s Los Angeles warehouse, this one was used as a model when the decorators pimped another 1959 Cadillac, making a few modifications here and there, such as adding a gunner’s station.


Mckenna Grace, Finn Wolfhard and Carrie Coon are the first three actors to be hired to play in Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Summerville in Ghostbusters: Afterlife
Summerville in Ghostbusters. All rights reserved: Sony Pictures/Columbia Pictures.

2 Avenue

Built around a fort dating back to 1874, this Alberta town has made history as the birthplace of folk music icon Joni Mitchell.

Fort MacLeod began to develop in the late 19th century. Named after a former commissioner of the Mounted Police, it had a difficult start. In 1906, a fire ravaged the downtown area where most of the buildings were made of wood.

Thereafter, the town reinvented itself, relying instead on brick and experienced a real expansion. It was during this period that Fort MacLeod took on its current appearance. In 2005, Ang Lee gave the town a new fame by shooting scenes from the movie Brokeback Mountain.

In 2014, Fort MacLeod welcomed Christopher Nolan for the production of Interstellar. In 2019, Jason Reitman used it to create the fictional American town of Summerville in Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

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