Statue of Alexander Hamilton

Novel Later Stephen King (2021)
About thirty sculptures have been placed in Central Park since 1863. Among these, the monument to Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America, not far from the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, is a must-see. A gleaming white statue, at the heart of the plot of Stephen King's fantasy novel Later.
Statue of Alexander Hamilton in Central Park
Statue of Alexander Hamilton by Zeete. Wikimedia.

Liz put her little cop sign on the dashboard and we walked down 86th Street for a little while before turning onto a path that led to the Alexander Hamilton Monument.

James Conklin

Jamie can not only see the dead but also talk to them. Aware that this gift can considerably help her in her job, NYPD inspector Liz Dutton asks the young boy to follow her into Central Park. She hopes to find the ghost of a notorious bomber so that he will reveal to Jamie the location of his next attack, planned before his death. Much of the plot of Later takes place around Central Park. Jamie and his mother live on Park Avenue, for example, without the address being specified, and in this way they are regularly led to transit through the park. When Liz Dutton forces Jamie to follow her in an attempt to track down the terrorist’s ghost, their path crosses that of Alexander Hamilton. A way for Stephen King to inscribe in a certain way his story in the great history of the United States. However, unlike the Paul Bunyan statue in It, here Alexander Hamilton does not come to life to terrorize the protagonists.

Accustomed to developing his plots in his native Maine, Stephen King has moved to New York City for the first time, exploiting the streets of Manhattan and its surroundings in his story of ghosts. While he is sometimes vague about precise locations, even going so far as to invent some, he does make a point of anchoring his twists and turns to authentic monuments, such as the statue of Alexander Hamilton, whose life ended abruptly at the end of a duel to the death with the vice-president of the USA.


Later was published in the United States as the third part of a trilogy that also included Colorado Kid and Joyland. However, the three books have no real narrative links.

Alexander Hamilton Monument

Commissioned by John C. Hamilton, fashioned by Clark Conrads, this statue of the famous founding father Alexander Hamilton was donated to the City of New York in 1880.

The statue was unveiled on November 22. The weather, freezing and windy, prevented the ceremony from being held outdoors. Inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Alexander Hamilton’s son, John C. Hamilton, gave a speech before Edward Cooper, the mayor of New York, spoke. Alexander Hamilton, founder of the Federalist Party, was killed in a pistol duel with Vice President Aaron Burr on July 11, 1804. His body lies in Trinity Church Cemetery in Manhattan. He is the main character in the hit musical Hamilton.

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By Gilles Rolland

Monday, December 6, 2021

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