SPECTRE Headquarters

Saga James Bond
Movie Thunderball Terence Young (1965)
At the end of the credits, a strange character parks in the middle of Paris for a secret summit meeting.
35 avenue d'Eylau Paris France
35 avenue d'Eylau Paris France. (Photo credit: Fantrippers)

“Hey, no parking here! Oh, pardon, Monsieur Largo.”

The Parisian policeman

This individual is none other than Emilio Largo (Adolfo Celi), head of the “International Centre for Assistance to Displaced Persons”.

As soon as he arrives, the man seems to be respected since a policeman, thinking he is witnessing an offence, lets Largo continue on his way after recognizing him.

This a priori humanitarian centre actually hides the terrible headquarters of SPECTRE. This organization of criminals seeking world domination.

Enemy of 007 for many years, the SPECTRE includes several dangerous characters including Largo. His plan is to steal atomic bombs during a NATO test.


In Ian Fleming’s novel, SPECTRE’s headquarters are located at 136 bis boulevard Haussmann, but Terence Young’s cameras preferred to film this building.

Scene at SPECTRE headquarters in Thunderball
Scene at SPECTRE headquarters in Thunderball (Photo credit: EON Productions)
Scene at SPECTRE headquarters in Thunderball
Scene at SPECTRE headquarters in Thunderball (Photo credit: EON Productions)

35 Avenue d'Eylau

328yd long, the Avenue d’Eylau enjoys a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower and was inhabited by many personalities.

Named in memory of a victorious battle led by Napoleon I in 1807, the avenue welcomed President Paul Deschanel (1855-1922) at number 10, the opera singer Fédor Chaliapine (1873-1938) at number 10 and the chief Raymond Oliver (1909-1990) at number 22.

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