Silva Island

Saga James Bond
Movie Skyfall Sam Mendes (2012)
An island deserted by its inhabitants in the middle of nowhere is an ideal hideout for a criminal such as Raoul Silva...
Hashima Island Japan
Hashima Island Japan - Image by Jordy Meow of Pixabay

“Hello, James. Welcome. Do you like the island? My grandmother had an island. Nothing to boast of. You could walk around it in an hour, but still it was, it was a paradise for us. One summer, we went for a visit and discovered the place had been infested with rats. They’d come on a fishing boat and gorged themselves on coconut. So how do you get rats off an island? Hmm? My grandmother showed me. We buried an oil drum and hinged the lid. Then we wired coconut to the lid as bait and the rats would come for the coconut, and… They would fall into the drum. And after a month, you have trapped all the rats, but what do you do then? Throw the drum into the ocean? Burn it? No. You just leave it and they begin to get hungry. And one by one… They start eating each other, until there are only two left. The two survivors. And then what? Do you kill them? No. You take them and release them into the trees, but now they don’t eat coconut anymore. Now, they only eat rat. You have changed their nature. The two survivors. This is what she made us.”

Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem) to James Bond (Daniel Craig)

In search of the cyber-terrorist who caused the death of several MI6 agents, James Bond meets Séverine (Bérénice Marlohe), mistress of the criminal, who agrees to drive him to him on condition that he kills him.

Firmly determined to keep his promise, 007 is taken to the island of Hashima, the lair of Tiago Rodriguez aka Raoul Silva. He explains that he perpetrated all these acts because of M (Judi Dench) after abandoning him to his fate to the Chinese authorities in 1997.

After a long conversation between the two men, Silva takes James Bond outside and plays a somewhat dangerous game with the life of Séverine, who dies from a bullet fired by the cyber-terrorist.

A mishandled timing because, a few minutes later, the rescuers, warned by the British agent, arrive on the island and arrest Raoul Silva.


Bérénice Marlohe is the eighth French woman to play a James Bond Girl in the 007 saga. She is preceded by Claudine Auger, Denise Perrier, Corinne Cléry, Carole Bouquet, Sophie Marceau, Eva Green and Olga Kurylenko.

Scene on Silva Island in James Bond Skyfall
Scene on Silva Island in James Bond Skyfall. Photo credit: EON Productions; MGM, Columbia Pictures and Danjaq
Scene on Silva Island in James Bond Skyfall
Scene on Silva Island in James Bond Skyfall. Photo credit: EON Productions; MGM, Columbia Pictures and Danjaq
Scene on Silva Island in James Bond Skyfall
Scene on Silva Island in James Bond Skyfall. Photo credit: EON Productions; MGM, Columbia Pictures and Danjaq

Hashima Island

The island of Hashima fascinates by its important mining city deserted as quickly as it was built, giving it a ghostly aspect at the same time confusing and fascinating.

After the discovery of a coal deposit in 1887, Hashima Island quickly became one of the most densely populated areas in the world with the creation of many dwellings in order to exploit the precious mine. With an area of 6.3 hectares, it had 5,300 residents in 1950, or 83,500 inhabitants/km2.

After more than 80 years of exploitation, the decrease of the mining activity led the inhabitants to leave the place little by little, abandoning buildings and businesses to the bad weather.

Uninhabited since 1974, the island was considered too dangerous and forbidden to be accessed in 2009. But the municipality of Nagasaki has nevertheless invested nearly 100 million yen to develop it and make it accessible to tourists again. In 2011, 235,000 people visited the place.

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