Port of La Rochelle

Music Notre tour de France Luis Mariano (1956)
"Hello La Rochelle and its sleeping port. The sea under the sky that stirs and moans. And then here is nonchalant, the Loire at the gates of Nantes." Great traveler, at least in his songs, Luis Mariano sings the praises of France in this title in the form of adventure in the Hexagon.
Vieux-Port of La Rochelle
Old port of La Rochelle by Mister Brown. Wikimedia.

Hello La Rochelle and its sleeping port. The sea under the sky which agitates and groans.

Luis Mariano

The French journey of Luis Mariano begins porte d’Italie in Paris, when he decides, by a rainy day to leave the capital. It then transits through the castle of Dijon, Mâcon or Beaune and Chalon-sur-Saône before rallying Lyon, Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Martigues, the Camargue, Nîmes, Perpignan, Frontignan, Béziers, Narbonne, Carcassonne, Tarbes, Pau, Bayonne, Bordeaux and La Rochelle. Thereafter, Luis Mariano mentions the big stages of the tour of the castles of the Loire, with Chinon, Chambord, Cheverny, and Chenonceaux, without ceasing to show the biggest admiration towards his country of adoption.

Known for La Bella de Cadiz, which he published in 1945, Luis Mariano was born in Irun, a border town, located near France. Naturally, it was to her that he turned when the Spanish Civil War broke out. He then joined the Bordeaux Conservatory and discovered the wonders of Aquitaine and its surroundings, without depriving himself of wandering around the country.

Even though he has never lived in La Rochelle, he has often had the opportunity to walk through its Old Port, which he naturally includes in his song Notre tour de France, evoking a love story through several emblematic places.


Luis Mariano mentions 29 cities in his song.

Vieux Port de La Rochelle

Regrouping several structures, the port of La Rochelle is an essential element of the economic network of Charente-Maritime.

The port of La Rochelle includes the autonomous port, the submarine base, created during the occupation, the fishing port of Chef de Baie and the marina. It is within this last one that are grouped the Old-Port, the port of Minimes and the Port-Neuf. The Old Port is undoubtedly the most touristic part, with its vestiges like the Chain Tower and the Saint-Nicolas Tower. Two monuments integrated into the city’s fortifications. The port has evolved considerably, without losing its identity. Every year, it attracts thousands of tourists as well as several cultural and sporting events.

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