Poitiers station

Music Syndrome Volo (2007)
Born after the Wriggles, the first group formed by Frédéric and Olivier Volovitch, Volo first blossomed on stage, at the Théâtre des Blancs-Manteaux in Paris. If at the beginning, the two combos evolve at the same time, the Wriggles dissolve during the summer 2006. Volo continued to record in the studio. His career path has also crossed that of Zaz and Julie Zenatti.
Poitiers station
Poitiers station by Chris j wood. Wikimedia.

Je me souviens d’un petit bar. Dans la gare de Poitiers. Au bistrot du départ ou celui de l’arrivée.


“Je me souviens d’un petit bar. Dans la gare de Poitiers.” The story Volo tells in his song Syndrome takes place in the midst of a social movement, when a man full of hope for the strike’s continuity comes up against the revolting feelings of a woman who is not really inclined to understand what is at stake.

Originally from Tours, the two Volovitch brothers stop briefly at the Poitiers train station for this amusing but nevertheless concerned song. A clever composition that looks like a classic love story between a man and a woman, but in fact is really based on a strike at the SNCF. The narrator wonders what he’s doing in Poitou, but the composers chose the town rather than any other to set the plot of this song from their album Jours heureux. Perhaps one day, when they were in the city to give a concert, the train station inspired these few verses.

In any case, Syndrome, named after the Stockholm syndrome, embodies the essence of Volo’s music. A music in the form of a fusion of genres, giving rhythm to lyrics linked to current issues but also to more intimate notions. The band continued to follow this trend, making numerous studio deliveries, without ever returning to Poitiers to set up a new tune.


Volo released six albums between 2005 and 2020.

Parking gare de Poitiers Pont Achard – EFFIA

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Monday, January 3, 2022

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