Poitiers station

Novel Dieu n'est même pas mort (2012)
Since his grandmother's suicide, he has been thinking. It connects Paris to Poitiers by TGV. He goes down to the station and takes a drink in a bar...
Poitiers train station (credit: Lamelune / Wiki Commons)
Poitiers train station (credit: Lamelune / Wiki Commons)

On the station square, around me shiny and matte materials, inside a relative awareness of my existence

Elias, in God is not even dead (Samuel Doux)

Young Parisian, Elias Oberer must leave the capital for Poitiers to attend the funeral of his grandmother who has just committed suicide. The easiest way for the Parisian is to use the TGV to connect the two cities. In less than an hour and a half.

Everything is going on in his head. He recalls memories in the capital of Poitiers, but also those with his grandmother and her husband, who also died.

Before taking a cab to go to the family house, he allows himself to take a coke in one of the bars in front of the station. It is in one of the hotels of this district that he decides to sleep instead of his grandmother. He prefers, he will be more serene.


The train arrived in the city of Poitiers in 1851

2 Bd Pont Achard

Put into service in 1851, the Paris-Austerlitz / Bordeaux Saint-Jean line needed a station to welcome passengers in Poitiers. It was built at 2 bd Pont-Achard.

With an average of 3.2 million passengers per year, the Poitiers station is an essential link in the Atlantic arc. Commissioned in 1851, it provides a 1 hour 15 minute connection b... Learn more about 2 Bd Pont Achard

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