Poitiers station

Saga Maigret
Novel Maigret à l'école Georges Simenon (1954)
On his way to La Rochelle for an impromptu investigation, Inspector Maigret passes through Poitiers station.
Poitiers train station (credit: Lamelune / Wiki Commons)
Poitiers train station (credit: Lamelune / Wiki Commons)

“At Poitiers, the lamps suddenly lit up along the platforms as the train pulled into the station, but it was not yet dark. It was not until later, as we passed through pastures, that we saw nightfall, the windows of the isolated farmhouses becoming bright, like stars.”

Excerpt from Maigret Goes to School by Georges Simenon

Taking the train from Paris to La Rochelle, Jules Maigret, accompanied by the teacher accused of a murder he did not commit, Joseph Gastin, transit through the Poitiers station. On the way, the commissioner knows that the young schoolmaster will be arrested as soon as he arrives in the city and thinks about his case.

Poitiers is an obligatory stopover on the way to La Rochelle and was mentioned several times by Georges Simenon. The author fell in love with the city of La Rochelle and visited it several times, mostly traveling by train.


Jules Maigret is the main protagonist of 75 novels by Georges Simenon.

2 Bd Pont Achard

Put into service in 1851, the Paris-Austerlitz / Bordeaux Saint-Jean line needed a station to welcome passengers in Poitiers. It was built at 2 bd Pont-Achard.

With an average of 3.2 million passengers per year, the Poitiers station is an essential link in the Atlantic arc. Commissioned in 1851, it provides a 1 hour 15 minute connection between Paris and Bordeaux via the LGV. It also serves the station of La Rochelle.

Electrified in 1938, it was bombed by the allied forces in 1944. It was then rebuilt after the Second World War.

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