Saga Jurassic Park
Movie Jurassic Park Dominion Colin Trevorrow (2022)
Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) takes maximum risks behind the wheel of his motorcycle to escape the dinosaurs. Suddenly, he stumbles into Saint George's Square in Valletta, and comes face to face with two gigantic creatures. One of them took advantage of the confusion to devour a man.
St. George Square
St. George Square by Txllxt Txllxt. Wikimedia.

“You’re racing toward the extinction of our species and you don’t care. You know exactly what you’re doing but you won’t stop.”

Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum)

The shooting of Jurassic World Dominion in Malta was very complicated. It is in full lull of the pandemic of Covid-19 that Colin Trevorrow and his actors land in the country until now relatively spared by the virus. The team has time to shoot the chase sequence, through the streets of Valletta and places like Saint George’s Square. Nevertheless, reality quickly catches up with the production. When several cases of Covid-19 are detected among technicians and the epidemic becomes more and more important in Malta, the authorities ask Universal to act. The studio then decided to reduce its presence in the country as much as possible and halved its workforce. It also brings back Colin Trevorrow and all the stars to leave only the second team in place. This one is in charge of filming the cutaway and general shots. Some action sequences involving the characters played by Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are even filmed with stuntmen.

About the choice of Malta, director Colin Trevorrow told the SyFy channel’s website: “I think that it would be presumed that with the dinosaurs unleashed, we’re going to see a movie with T-Rex and other dinosaurs battling in the streets of New York or Velociraptors running through Walmart. I wanted to find a way to tell a story that’s a little bit more closely linked to how animals have integrated with humans in the world that we know. I think it’s a way to illustrate how old these animals are. Moreover, the atrociraptors are made to blend in such an environment.


40,000 Covid tests were performed during the filming of Jurassic World Dominion.

Jurassic World Dominion motorcycle chase
Jurassic World Dominion All rights reserved: Amblin Entertainment/Sky Dance Media/Universal Pictures.

St. George’s Square

This central square of Valletta in Malta is particularly known for housing the Sette Giugno Monument.

A meeting point for tourists passing through Valletta, St. George’s Square brings together several buildings of national importance adopting baroque or neoclassical architecture. One of the best known remains the Magistral Palace, a... Learn more about St. George’s Square

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By Gilles Rolland

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

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