Pershing Square

Saga Avengers
Movie The Avengers Joss Whedon (2012)
During the Chitauri attack, New Yorkers took refuge in Pershing Square just across the street from Grand Central, which is also seen.
Pershing Square Avengers New York
Pershing Square Avengers New York. Photo credit: Fantrippers

“Ask for her number, you moron.”

Stan Lee to Steve Rogers (Chris Evans)

The fight rages, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has opened a gate over the Stark Tower overlooking Grand Central. Chitauris, conquering aliens, arrive by the thousands to kill or enslave the population.

The Avengers, driven by a spirit of revenge following the murder of Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) by Loki, tries to annihilate the threat. But civilians must be protected. Some of them are in Pershing Square.

Among them is a waitress, Beth (Ashley Johnson). This character was much more important initially, before the editing cuts.

In addition to the panic scene and her interview, she was flirting with Captain America earlier in the film in front of the Stark Tower, a sequence in which Avengers creator Stan Lee appears and prompts the superhero to ask for his number.

In a second clipped sequence, Beth was followed to try to reach a safer shelter by walking through the rubble and escaping death several times.

A fun parallel since, since 2009, Ashley Johnson has been playing Ellie in the hit video game The Last of Us.

Scene at Pershing Square in Avengers
Scene at Pershing Square in Avengers. Photo credit: Marvel Studios

Pershing Square

Located on 42nd Street, under the Park Avenue viaduct, and opposite Grand Central, the Pershing Square is a former tourist office converted into a restaurant is to be discovered for its atypical setting: a chic decor with glass arcades and, on the ceiling, steel railway beams painted green like in the subway.

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