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Music Les Feuilles Maxime Le Forestier (morceau - 1978)
In 1978, Maxime Le Forestier released Les Feuilles, a song about deforestation. A piece that evokes the paper of Angoulême.
Museum of Paper Angouleme
Angouleme Paper Museum - Photo Wikimedia Commons by JLPC

“Tant qu’à répéter “je t’aime” sur le vélin d’Angoulême

Pourquoi pas prendre un couteau et directement écrire ?

On en voit qui font bien pire sur l’écorce d’un bouleau.”

Excerpt from Les Feuilles by Maxime Le Forestier

From Maxime Le Forestier’s fifth album, Les Feuilles is a song about deforestation and environmental waste. Well before the time, the young singer recommends to the “good man” who blackens leaves to attack directly the trees.

The artist evokes in particular the vellum of Angouleme. The city of Charente was indeed a reference in the world of paper, with an influential paper industry. Today, most of the businesses have closed, including one of the most famous, Le Nil. It is in these premises that the paper museum is located. Among other relics of the city’s industrial past is a roll of vellum, the first type of paper industrially manufactured in France. Conceived as early as 1780, vellum was sung by Maxime Le Forestier almost two centuries later.


Les Feuilles is the eighth song of the album Maxime Le Forestier no 5.

Musée du Papier

The Angoulême Musée du Papier is housed in a former cigarette paper mill of the Joseph Bardou Le Nil brand.

Opened in 1988, the Musée du Papier is an institution in Angoulême that traces the history of the industrial paper industry in the 19th and 20th centuries, including related industries, the uses of paper and contemporary works o... Learn more about Musée du Papier

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