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Movie The Wannabes Jonathan Barré (2022)
Daniel (Grégoire Ludig) and his sister Léa (Alexandra Gentil) have an appointment at the notary's office concerning their parents' house.
Cerealog La Rochelle
Cerealog La Rochelle - Crédit : Fantrippers

“I’m a notary, not a real estate agent”

Master Allard (Nathalie Cerda)

Daniel (Grégoire Ludig) is a Tanguy. When his parents die, he and his sister Léa (Alexandra Gentil) go to the notary. In order for him to continue to live in the house, he must pay a substantial amount of money to his sister to buy back her share. Unfortunately for him, he is broke and doesn’t have the money.

A dispute between the brother and sister arises. Under the gaze of Master Allard who tries as best she can to explain that she is a notary.

The notary’s office is located in the premises of Cerealog, a computer services company in La Rochelle.

For this second film, the Palmashow trio wanted a cast of mostly unknowns, unlike La Folle Histoire de Max et Léon which had a parade of guests. “For example, we wanted Julien Pestel to play the role of the TV producer and, for the presenter, we did quite a few castings – before thinking of the person who plays the TV host in our sketches! In fact, several of our friends automatically “auto-cast” themselves! For David’s father, we had a little trouble, but the boys thought of my godfather who had never shot before.”


Five years separate The Mad History of Max and Leon, their first film, with their second Les Vedettes.


Located in the small commercial area of the Espace Encan, Cerealog is an IT company specializing in solutions for SMEs.

Company specialized in new technologies since 25 years, Cerealog is a group with 3 branches in France. Cerealog of La Rochelle is the head office. It offers many IT services to the SMEs of La Rochelle. The company is specialized in ERP integration and network creation within companies.

The commercial area of the Encan was once an important area for the fishing economy of La Rochelle. Since the transformation of the old hall into an exhibition space, many businesses in the vicinity have sprung up.

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