Monument to the dead

Movie My Afternoons with Margueritte (2010)
Germain (Gérard Depardieu) keeps trying to write his name with those of the soldiers on the war memorial in his town.
Monument aux morts Pons
Monument aux morts Pons - Crédit photo : Fantrippers

“- Germain! This is not possible! You’re doing it again. I’m fed up with it !

– Yes, I’m doing it again, I have to. Each time, you take it off.

– It’s a public monument, Germain!

– Who cares if I put my name with the others?

– Who cares? It’s reserved for the dead! Can’t you understand that?

– Do you have to be dead to be on it?

– Well, yes! And death to the war!

– Oh dear…

– Why the hell are you doing this? Tell me why?

– To piss off!”

The mayor (Jérôme Deschamps) and Germain (Gérard Depardieu)

Illiterate, Germain (Gérard Depardieu) leads a modest life in his small town. A gardener, he lives from the sale of his vegetables. Despite the perpetual bullying of his mother (Claire Maurier), he lives in a caravan on her property with Annette (Sophie Guillemin).

Long before he met Margueritte (Gisèle Casadesus), his confidante and the one who will make him love books, he drags his big carcass in the city, between the bar Chez Francine or in front of the war memorial where he frequently writes his name, as if he wanted to count in the eyes of the others But as usual, the mayor (Jérôme Deschamps) interferes and has Germain’s pencil marks erased. That’s the naivety of this big guy.

Before playing in La tête en friche, Jérôme Deschamps made a name for himself with Les Deschiens, a theater company created with Macha Makeieff, his partner. A huge success, especially thanks to the small television capsules broadcast on Canal+ with their actors François Morel, Yolande Moreau, Philippe Duquesne or Olivier Saladin.


La tête en friche is only Jean Becker’s 12th feature film. A career ranging from Un nommé La Rocca in 1961 to 2022 with Les volets verts.

La tête en friche by Jean Becker (DD Productions)
La tête en friche by Jean Becker (DD Productions)
La tête en friche by Jean Becker (DD Productions)
La tête en friche by Jean Becker (DD Productions)

Place de la République

The place de la république is the nerve center of the commune of Pons in Charente-Maritime.

It is on the place of the Republic of Pons that we find the town hall of the city near the keep dating from the second half of the XIIth century. It houses the tourist office of the city.

As for the castle, it seems to date from the 10th century. It has been used as a town hall since the 17th century.

Gardens have been laid out between the two monuments allowing the inhabitants and tourists to walk in peace.

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