Medieval bridge

Comics Vasco Tome 13 : Les Fossoyeurs de Belzébuth Gilles Chaillet (1994)
The historical comic book Vasco stops in the Vienne on the medieval bridge of Chauvigny to tell the story of France.
Pont médiéval Chauvigny
Vestiges du pont médiéval Chauvigny - Crédit photo : Fantrippers

“The ost of the king of France, John the Good, crosses the river at Chauvigny, in the direction of Poitiers, ready to cut the road to the “Godons”.”

The narrator

September 16, 1356, the English army began its approach to Poitiers via Châtellerault. Meanwhile, the troops of the king of France are on their way to the same destination to stop the progression of their enemies.

To reach them, the French had to cross the Vienne river by the medieval bridge of Chauvigny. Now demolished, the bridge was once used for the passage of goods or, if necessary, troops. Only a few vestiges remain on the banks of the Vienne, visible mainly during low water periods. Two surviving piles are still at the bottom of the water, regularly visited by diving archaeologists to accurately determine the dating of these foundations.


In 2019, the Vasco series was discontinued by the publisher. It now consists of 30 volumes.

Vasco at the medieval bridge of Chauvigny
Vasco at the medieval bridge of Chauvigny. Photo credit: Gilles Chaillet / Le Lombard

Rue de l'Ancien Pont

Its name is ambiguous, the Rue de l’Ancien Pont had in its extension a medieval bridge now disappeared.

During low water periods, it is possible to see some remains of this bridge, probably dating from the 14th century. Archaeological excavations are in progress to determine its dating.

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Vasco Tome 13 : The Gravediggers of Beelzebub

Vasco tome 13 : The Gravediggers of Beelzebub

Publisher’s summary: While the English troops are in Chatellerault and those of the King of France are heading for Poitiers, the Marshal of Burgundy spends the night in a village with his squires. In the morning, one of them is found stabbed in the room of the Sienese emissary.

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