Maison du Fier

Movie Ma famille t'adore déjà Alan Corno and Jérôme Commandeur (2016)
The whole Periné family goes by bike to the Maison du Fier, to learn more about the history of the island of Ré.

“- I was there, it was in ’88.

– I’ve never seen a guide who traffics in photos”.

The museum guide (David Elmaleh) and Jean Périné (Thierry Lhermitte)

Wishing to share a moment with their family, the Perinees decide to go for a bike ride on the bike paths that are scattered all over the island. Strolling along the trails in the salt marshes, the family stops at the Maison du Fier.

A guide tells them the history of the island of Ré, including the construction of the bridge in 1988. Jean (Thierry Lhermitte), the father of the family, insinuates that the guide is wrong about the date, making fun of him. Knowing that they are wrong, the guide proves that he is right by showing dated photos taken by himself. The Parisians will remain in their lie by accusing the guide of tampering with his photos.

Jérôme Commandeur wanted to make fun of Parisians who think they are always right, even when faced with a person whose job is to be experienced, unlike them.

Concerning the comic references, Jérôme Commandeur relied on the humor of Les Nuls, Les Inconnus and of course Le Splendid.

555 160

In 7 weeks of operation, Ma famille t’adore déjàhad achieved 555,160 admissions in theaters.

Scene at the Maison du Fier in Ma famille t'adore déjà
Scene at the Maison du Fier in Ma famille t’adore déjà – Credit: Artémis Productions, HBB 26, Pathé and ARTEBIS Sprl
Scene at the Maison du Fier in Ma famille t'adore déjà
Scene at the Maison du Fier in Ma famille t’adore déjà – Credit: Artémis Productions, HBB 26, Pathé and ARTEBIS Sprl

Maison du Fier

The Maison du Fier is a museum located in the heart of the nature reserve presenting permanent and temporary exhibitions on the fauna, flora and landscapes of the island.

Installed in a former salt shed, the Maison du Fier is a museographic space dedicated to the natural heritage of the island belonging to the Conservatoire de l’Espace Littoral.
To extend the experience, visitors are invited to discover the nature reserve to learn about the species and plants that live there.
Around 1914, two salt sheds were built on the quays of the old port of Portes-en-Ré to store up to 2,000 tons of salt. Following the progressive abandonment of the marshes, in 1950, one of the two sheds was demolished and the other was converted into a shipbuilding workshop.
It is from 1997, after the purchase of the Conservatoire de l’Espace Littoral, that the old hangar will be transformed into the Maison du Fier. It will open its doors just after the end of the rehabilitation works in 2000.

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