Lord Mac Rashley's Castle

Movie Fantomas vs. Scotland Yard André Hunebelle (1967)
The plot of Fantomas vs. Scotland Yard takes place in the Scottish castle of the mysterious Lord Mac Rashley (Jean-Roger Caussimon). However, you don't have to go all the way to Scotland to discover the sumptuous house.
Château de Roquetaillade
Xabi Rome-Hérault

“- There’s a hangman in my room!

– In my room?

– No, in mine!

– In mine? Ah, the horror!”

Commissioner Juve (Louis de Funès) and Alexandre (Max Montavon)

Threatened by Fantomas and his “tax on the right to live”, Lord Mac Rashley brings to Scotland the commissioner Juve (Louis de Funès), his deputy inspector Bertrand (Jacques Dynam), the journalist Fandor (Jean Marais) and the photographer Hélène (Mylène Demongeot).

Lord Mac Rashley’s castle in Gironde

But far from Scotland, Lord Mac Rashley’s castle is located in the Gironde. The castle of Roquetaillade lent its facade for the needs of the shooting. Since then, many fans come to visit the huge building in the footsteps of the famous criminal. In 2017, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the film’s theatrical release, many enthusiasts gathered in this fortress to catch a glimpse of a DS and Fantomas himself on board.

The breakup

Fantomas vs. Scotland Yard was released in theaters at a time when Louis de Funès had become the cult actor we know today after many years of anonymity. In this, the actor has taken a much more important place than Jean Marais, holder of the title role. This and the way Louis de Funès worked caused many tensions between the two giants of French cinema. After this third opus, everyone has gone their own way and the rest is legend.


A fourth opus of Fantomas’ adventures, Fantomas in Moscow, never saw the light of day. We were to learn that Fandor was the son of the famous criminal.

Scène au château de Lord Mac Rashley dans Fantômas contre Scotland Yard
Scène au château de Lord Mac Rashley dans Fantômas contre Scotland Yard
Scène au château de Lord Mac Rashley dans Fantômas contre Scotland Yard
Scène au château de Lord Mac Rashley dans Fantômas contre Scotland Yard
Scène au château de Lord Mac Rashley dans Fantômas contre Scotland Yard
Scène au château de Lord Mac Rashley dans Fantômas contre Scotland Yard

Castle Roquetaillade

The history of the castle of Roquetaillade begins at the dawn of humanity, when there were only caves and a rocky outcrop.

In prehistoric times, the first humans moved into the site, which was dotted with natural caves and a rocky outcrop, ideal for protection and for making flints, hence the name “Roquetaillade” (literally “Rock-Cutting”).

The first castle was built around the 8th century, some remains are still visible today. It is in the XIVth century that the construction of the current castle begins, renovated by the famous Viollet-le-Duc in the XIXth century.

The building of Roquetaillade is part of the first emblematic buildings classified as historical monuments in 1840 by Prosper Mérimée. Surprisingly, the castle has belonged to the same family for more than a thousand years, which has changed its name only three times during this long period.

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