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Movie The Wannabes Jonathan Barré (2022)
Daniel (Grégoire Ludig) is a failed singer. He regularly goes to a karaoke restaurant in an American diner style.
Restaurant Karaoké - Memphis Puilboreau
Restaurant Memphis Puilboreau - Crédit photo : Fantrippers

“You’re crazy talented! Why did you quit music?”

Stéphane (David Marsais) to Daniel (Grégoire Ludig)

The film Les Vedettes opens with a scene where we discover Daniel (Grégoire Ludig) in a karaoke restaurant of the “American diner” type. He is convinced that he has a real talent for singing and knows all the lyrics of the music by heart.

After having shown the clip of Besoin de chanter, under the pseudonym of Simplement Dan, to the production of the show “Et tu chantes chantes” equivalent to “N’oubliez pas les paroles”, Daniel and Stéphane go to the karaoke restaurant in order to train.

At the end of the film, the two colleagues, Daniel and Stéphane Chevalier (David Marsais), who have become friends, acquire the establishment and rename it Simply Dan and Steph. A karaoke restaurant with nightly performances of Simply Dan on stage. Always in an American diner setting, maintaining the rock’n roll atmosphere. It is in fact the Memphis in the Beaulieu commercial zone in Puilboreau, at the entrance to La Rochelle.

Jonathan Barré, the director, wanted to reproduce the style “Kervern and Delépine version pop!” in his staging: “For example, I wanted to make the karaoke and the BIA happy spaces: we installed a very kitschy sunset background with neon lights in the karaoke. It was really necessary that these settings were bathed in a pop atmosphere so as not to fall into a cartoonishly dark and sad atmosphere. On the other hand, my challenge was to make a success of the TV games in the cinema which, more often than not, fail. It was essential that it didn’t feel like we were watching a television show.” he confided during the promotion of the film.


Jonathan Barré and his team decided to shoot the film with four television cameras and two anamorphic cameras in order to have a real difference between the game show and the fiction.

Scene in the karaoke restaurant in Les Vedettes
Scene in the karaoke restaurant in Les Vedettes – Credit: Gaumont, Légende Films
Scene in front of the karaoke restaurant in Les Vedettes
Scene in front of the karaoke restaurant in Les Vedettes – Credit: Gaumont, Légende Films

Memphis - Restaurant Diner

Located in the commercial area of Beaulieu in Puilboreau, at the entrance of La Rochelle, Memphis is an American diner type restaurant.

Memphis is a chain of franchised restaurants created in 2009. It recreates the typical atmosphere of American diners, both in the decor and the musical atmosphere.

The Memphis in La Rochelle is one of the 250 brands present in the Beaulieu commercial zone, considered to be the largest in Charente-Maritime.

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