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TV show The Last of Us (2023)
In 2003, Dr. Ratna Pertiwi (Christine Hakim), whose specialty is the study of fungi, is asked by the Indian government to examine the body of a person infected by a mysterious parasite. It is while she is enjoying her lunch that she sees soldiers arrive. A scene shot not in India but in Calgary.

“I have spent my life studying these things. So please listen carefully. There is no medicine. There is no vaccine.”

Dr. Ratna Pertiwi (Christine Hakim)

The narrative of The Last of Us series adopts a fragmented rhythm and multiplies the back and forth in time. Episode 2 begins in a restaurant in India, at the very beginning of the epidemic, when the fungus has just started its work. A sequence filmed within the walls of a real restaurant in Calgary’s Crescent Heights neighborhood.

A whole world

The production of The Last of Us has created quite a world in and around Calgary. Over the course of the episodes, Calgary plays the role of Boston or New Delhi, as needed. The restaurant at the beginning of episode 2 having been decorated accordingly in order to create a credible illusion. Indeed, it is in reality a Vietnamese restaurant.

The beginning of the apocalypse

The Last of Us was shot almost exclusively in Calgary. The show’s sizeable budget has given Canada its biggest production since Hollywood moved to its shores to save money. If today, many directors and showrunners continue to produce their films and series in the United States, many choose to film in Canada, where the landscape is very similar to that of the United States. Cities like Calgary always welcome American productions.


18 million people watched the first episode of The Last of Us in the U.S. when it first aired.

The Last of Us Bostonian Museum
The Last of Us Bostonian Museum. All rights reserved: HBO.

Pho Anh Huyen Vietnamese Noodle House

This Vietnamese restaurant in Calgary highlights the know-how of its chef and offers several pasta specialties.

This charming Vietnamese restaurant is located in Calgary’s Crescent Heights neighborhood, north of the banks of the Bow River and Prince’s Island Park. A family establishment, with an authentic atmosphere, in which it is possible to savor several pasta specialties as well as the classics of Vietnamese gastronomy.

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The Last of Us Part 1 - PS5

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By Gilles Rolland

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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