Hawkins Town Hall

TV show Stranger Things Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer (2016)
Hawkins City Hall, where Mayor Larry Kline (Cary Elwes) works, is actually located in East Point as are many of the other Stranger Things locations. The production of the series has left its mark on the Atlanta area by exploiting many key locations that are now clearly identifiable.

“Is it fun tonight? I can’t hear you! Is it fun tonight folks?”

Larry Kline (Cary Elwes)

Based in Atlanta, the heart of Stranger Things production also made extensive use of locations throughout small suburban cities like East Point. It is here, in this pretty town of a little more than 30.000 inhabitants that the Duffer brothers, the showrunners of the series, find for example the hospital of Hawkins, the library, the house of Wheeler, the house of Sinclair, the house of Henderson and Holland but also the city hall. The Hawkins City Hall is in fact the East Point City Hall.

What could be better than a real city hall to represent a city hall on screen? It is in a permanent concern of authenticity that Matt and Ross Duffer “built” the fictional city of Hawkins by realizing a clever collage of several places scattered around Atlanta. A way to anchor the story of Stranger Things in a tangible reality.


Stranger Things is the thirteenth series in which Cary Elwes plays. He made his debut in Seinfeld.

Hawkins City Hall
City Hall. All rights reserved: Netflix.

2777 E Point St

This magnificent city hotel sits in the center of East Point, in the eastern suburbs of Atlanta.

Built in an architectural style typical of this region of the United States, this red brick town hall is topped by a steeple. With its forecourt and fountain, it embodies the soul of East Point. It is located in the center of the town, in a bu... Learn more about 2777 E Point St

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Stranger Things - Zombie Boys T01 (French Edition)

1983. Spring has sprung in the (almost) peaceful town of Hawkins. Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will are trying to recover from their traumatic encounter with the Demogorgon. The Upside Down World continues to haunt them and tensions arise between the four boys: their group is on the verge of breaking up. Just then, Joey Kim, a new student, comes knocking on the AV club’s door with a camcorder in his hand and ideas in his head. This Spielberg apprentice wants to make a zombie movie based on Will’s drawings, and offers to act in it. This project will undoubtedly be an opportunity for the young actors to strengthen their ties and overcome the horrors they have experienced.
Following the events of the first season of the Netflix phenomenon series, this new story will delight fans of all ages!

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