Haddonfield Memorial Hospital

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Born in Los Angeles, where the fictional town of Haddonfield was recreated in 1978, Michael Myers, the killer in the white mask of Halloween, has taken up residence in Wilmington for his new resurrection. A city far from Hollywood where the filming of Halloween Kills was centered around Cape Fear Community College.
Cape FearCommunity College

Evil dies tonight!

Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis)

It’s September 2019 when David Gordon Green gives the first crank. Rather than do as John Carpenter did in his time and stay in Los Angeles, the filmmaker prefers to take up residence in Wilmington, North Carolina. Not only does the city have all the necessary equipment, but it is also possible to use municipal buildings to shoot the scenes. EUE Screen Gems Studios is located in Wilmington. Since 1984, the city has been able to distinguish itself and become a major centre of the film industry. Works such as Bleu Velvet, Cape Fear, The Crow, Maximum Overdrive, Sleeping with the Enemy and Message in a Bottle were produced there. In addition, the costs are considerably lower than in Hollywood.

The first house, used by John Carpenter in the original Halloween, located at 1000 Mission Street in Pasadena, is therefore not exploited. Instead, David Gordon Green commissions the construction of a perfect replica. The other key location in his film is Haddonfield Hospital, where Laurie Strode’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) character is brought following her fight with Michael Myers. While the Wilmington studios are used extensively, the team decides to make up the Cape Fear Community College to turn it into a clinic. David Gordon Green shoots outdoors and indoors. A Haddonfield Memorial Hospital sign is put up and everything is done to camouflage the building’s primary function. On screen, the illusion is perfect. As a reminder, it is in this same hospital that the plot of Rick Rosenthal’sHalloween II took place. Except that at the time, Cape Fear Community College was not involved.

David Gordon Green and his actors shoot mostly at night on the streets of Wilmington before editing. The initial plan is to follow up with Halloween Ends, the third installment of the trilogy. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 epidemic thwarted the studio’s plans and filming was postponed. It was then decided to do some rewrites to include Covid-19 in the story of this conclusion.


Halloween Kills marks the eleventh appearance of Michael Myers in the saga initiated by John Capenter and Debra Hill.

Haddonfield Memorial Hospital

Cape Fear Community College

Inaugurated in 1958, Cape Fear Community College has continued to grow with new courses of study and other expansions.

Cape Fear Community College enrolls more than 23,000 students each year. While the main campus is located in downtown Wilmington, the college has several branches in Castle Hayne, Burgaw and Surf City. It is also popular for its sports teams, including the Wilmington Sea Dawgs and the Tobacco Road Basketball League. Its mascot, named Rayez, is a sea devil and its colors are blue and white.

The early 2000s also saw the university become a film location due to the amenities offered to Hollywood studios by the city of Wilmington.

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