Gotham City Central Police Station

Saga Batman
Movie The Batman Matt Reeves (2022)
Police chief Pete Savage (Alex Ferns) holds a press conference in front of Gotham City's central police station following the assassination of the mayor. Hiding in the shadows, Bruce Wayne begins to hatch a plan to stop the Riddler, the mysterious individual responsible for this terrible crime.
2 Temple Place
2 Temple Place by Tony Hisgett. Wikimedia.

Here you are… I’ve been trying to reach you.

The Riddler (Paul Dano)

While previous film adaptations of Batman’s adventures have made extensive use of cities like New York and Chicago to create Gotham City, director Matt Reeves’ team wanted to give the sprawling city a more European feel. Thus, the scouting focused on England and in particular on places not often seen in the cinema, such as the 2 Temple Place.

Neo-Gothic building commissioned in its time by William Waldorf Astor, the richest man on the planet, the 2 Temple Place becomes in The Batman the central police station of Gotham City. This is where Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wright), Batman’s only ally in law enforcement, works, and it’s also where the cops try to stop the criminals.

Invaded by the crowd during a decisive scene, the building did not require any particular modification as its neo-gothic architecture immediately positioned it in the graphic logic of the film. A monument immersed in a twilight atmosphere, magnified by the photography of Greig Fraser, in the center of a Gotham City more frightening and disturbing than ever.


The Batman is the twelfth live-action feature film in which the Dark Knight appears.

The Batman commissariat de Gotham City
The Batman Commissariat de Gotham City. Tous droits réservés : DC Films/6th & Idaho Productions

2 Temple Pl

One of London’s hidden gems, 2 Temple Place is a Gothic Revival building built for William Waldorf Astor in the 1890s.

Considered in his time as the richest man in the world, William Waldorf Astor federated the best architects to shape his new offices. He had the largest vault in Europe installed and envisioned the place as a sort of impregnable fortress. Today, 2 Temple Place hosts major exhibitions. The interiors as commissioned by William Waldorf Astor have remained as they were and it is possible to walk the corridors of this incredible house in the heart of London.

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Batman's Batmobile

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By Gilles Rolland

Monday, March 7, 2022

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