Golf of Loudun-Fontevraud

Movie Dynamic Vienne Olivier Chavarot (1993)
After flying over many sites in the Vienne region, Tom (Jean-Philippe Bèche) lands at the golf course of Loudun-Fontevraud.
Golf de Loudun Fontevraud
Golf de Loudun Fontevraud - Crédit photo : Domaine de Roiffé

“Mais la Vienne, c’est aussi le golf, le tennis, les sports nautiques et même… Le sport automobiiiiiiiile.”

Le Guerliguet (Jean-Yves Tual)

Tom is late for his wedding and the Guerliguet gives him a helping hand by flying him across the Vienne. After passing over many iconic sites, the young man lands on the roof of a golf cart.

This cart belongs to the golf course of Loudun-Fontevraud, where the Guerliguet enjoys playing while waiting for the future groom. In a few seconds, Tom will be propelled from the golf course to the Val de Vienne circuit.


Between the animation of the first room and the session, the attraction Dynamic Vienne lasts on average 21 minutes.

Golf de Loudun-Fontevraud - Domaine de Roiffé

Today a hotel complex with a golf course, the Loudun-Fautevraud golf course was home to the Saint-Hilaire Institute for many years.

It was in 1853 that the Saint-Hilaire penitentiary colony was created. It received minors convicted of criminal acts. In 1871, a single teacher taught a little over an hour a day to 300 students. It closed its doors in 1974.

In 1985, under the impetus of René Monory, then president of the Vienne General Council, the estate was transformed into a hotel with a golf course.

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